Adding a default signature to your emails (Microsoft Outlook)

by Jonathan O'Brien 6. August 2010 17:49

Whenever you can save time with a repetitive task, it's a good idea to do so, such as adding an automatic signature to your emails. In your signature, you can post your name, company name, phone number, address, website address, company slogan, or any other information you'd like to share with your email recipients. That way, when you email someone and write, "Call me with any questions," the recipient has the contact information he needs to reply.

To add an automatic signature in Outlook, choose Tools | Options from the main menu, and then click on the Mail Format tab. Click the Signatures button in the Signature(s) section, and then click the New button in the Create Signature dialog box. Enter a descriptive name for your signature--this is especially important if you have multiple signatures. Then, select the Start With A Blank Signature option button and click Next. In the Signature Text text box, enter the information that you'd like to appear in your signature; you can enter up to six separate lines. Click Finish, and then click OK twice to close the open dialog boxes. Now when you compose a new message, your signature automatically appears at the end of the message. If you'd like to include a signature on replies and forwarded messages as well, select the signature from the Signature For Replies And Forwards dropdown list in the Signature section on the Mail Format tab.

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