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If you want to be able to fully understand what is happening with your website, as far as where traffic is coming from, how well they are converting, and how much revenue you are deriving from your traffic, you should absolutely get and study Google Analytics. Analytics is a tool that basically analyzes all sorts of data that is integrated into your website or blog and you can use this to figure out which areas are doing well and which areas need fixing. This is hands down one of the best tools for any website owner, as this shows you a complete layout of what is going on with your site, allowing the person to make tweaks to increase traffic and conversion rates.

Understanding Google Analytics is easier said than done and the reality is that a lot of people struggle with understanding the program, which is why it may be a very good idea to take a class from Certified Staffing Solutions. They offer all sorts of classes that will help you to learn Google Analytics, which you can then apply to your website to increase traffic. You can sort of thing of this as an investment, as a thorough understanding of Google Analytics is going to more than pay you back in the long run. There are classes that you can take online, if you already have other obligations and want to learn on your own time frame, although you can still get private instruction through the internet from your instructor. If you want to have a teacher come out to your location, you can also set up a class with an instructor in person, although there must be a handful of students in order to hold the class.

Some Companies in Louisiana We've Trained:

In New Orleans and other cities in Louisiana, we have trained these companies. Feel free to contact us for student or company references.

  » Advance Baton Rouge Charter School Assoc. in Baton Rouge, LA

  » Gerald Burns in Baton Rouge, LA

  » Allen's Electric Motors, Inc in Vivian, LA

  » JCN Financial Group in Baton Rouge, LA

  » Angelina Ag Company in Monterey, LA

  » LA Dept of Public Safety in Baton Rouge, LA

  » Bossier Sheriff's Department in Benton, LA

  » Lee Michaels in Baton Rouge, LA

  » Bulldog Frac Rental in Lafayette, LA

  » Make It Right in New Orleans, LA

  » Capital One - LA in Mandeville, LA

  » Margaret Loup in Baton Rouge, LA

  » CF Industries in Donaldsonville, LA

  » Martin Wine Cellar in New Orleans, LA


  » MBI in Shreveport, LA

  » Cleco Corporation in Pineville, LA

  » Mignon Faget, Ltd. in New Orleans, LA

  » Cubic Applications Inc. in Fort Polk, LA

  » Natural Advantage in Oakdale, LA

  » Donald Blanchard in Baton Rouge, LA

  » Northlake Neurological Institute in Lacombe, LA

  » EBR Sherriff's Office in Baton Rouge, LA

  » O'Banion in Pineville, LA

  » Fisher Healthcare in Baton Rouge, LA

  » Pool Corp. in New Orleans, LA