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  • Custom class based on your needs

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Java, along with C/C++, is one of the most used object oriented programming languages ever. Due to its superior safety features Java is predominantly used in web programming. It is the computer language of choice for making killer applications for web pages. Java is the premier programming language for anyone who wants their creation to be seen on the web.

Modern learning is adapting for students who are focused on thoroughly learning a subject with as little downtime as possible. Certified Staffing Solutions ( has been at the forefront of this evolution. One learning environment that they offer is online. Classes are small on the order of ten students. The class is presented live so when you login via your computer you can interact with the professor, such as by asking questions. You can also obtain confirmation that you are on the right path as the instructor can also interface with your own computer screen to see what you are doing. The teaching time is efficient as the Certified Staffing Solutions professors are experienced with the subject matter and also with leading classes. In just five days you will be proficient in Java to the point that you can write applets for web use or even for larger-scale programs that use object oriented programming.

Certified Staffing Solutions also has another alternative for learning: they may be able to send the instructor directly to your group's location such as if your workplace has several individuals interested in Java. The classes take seven hours a day including two short rest breaks and a lunch break. Upon completion you will receive a certificate denoting that you successfully passes the class.

Some Companies in Massachusetts We've Trained:

In Worcester and other cities in Massachusetts, we have trained these companies. Feel free to contact us for student or company references.

  » 3DVIA in Waltham, MA

  » Bookkeeping and Business Service, LLC in Methuen, MA

  » Academic Software Plus in Watertown, MA

  » Boston College in Worcester, MA

  » Allison Bernard in Canton, MA

  » Boston Medical Center in Boston, MA

  » Amanda Fox in Newton, MA

  » Boston Museum of Science in Boston, MA

  » American Student Assistance in Quincy, MA

  » Boston Scientific - Bellingham in Bellingham, MA

  » Analog Devices, Inc. in Norwood, MA

  » Boston Scientific - Medway in Medway, MA

  » Andover High School in Fitchburg, MA

  » Boston Scientific - Millbury in Millbury, MA

  » ARMS, LLC in Needham, MA

  » Boston Scientific - Uxbridge in Uxbridge, MA

  » Atlantic Development Group in Yarmouth Port, MA

  » Boston Scientific - Worcester in Worcester, MA

  » Babson Capital in Hampden, MA

  » Burst Media in Burlington, MA

  » Barnstable Public Schools in Hyannis, MA

  » City of Worcester Technical Services Dept in Worcester, MA

  » Beacon Consulting Group in Boston, MA

  » City Year in Boston, MA

  » Beacon Hill Staffing in Boston, MA

  » Clarke, Snow & Riley in Quincy, MA