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Attend AutoCAD classes in Stockton, California with our instructor-led training services. Our AutoCAD courses are task-based and focus on real-world scenarios and challenges students face in their day-to-day environments.  Training is available on-site for groups in a private setting. We also offer online classes for individuals. Each seminar that we offer is instructor-led, so whether you need  classes online or on-site, you will learn from an instructor. Our Stockton AutoCAD training consists of both lectures and hands-on exercises.

Individual Training

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  • Live Instructor-led online classes
  • Appropriate for individuals in Stockton
  • Attend class from home or office
  • NOT e-Learning - live instructors teaching

Group Training

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  • Private training at your Stockton office
  • For groups of 4 or more students
  • Custom classes based on your needs
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Upcoming Stockton AutoCAD Classes

Attend these classes right from your office or home and be taught by a live instructor - Learn More. Have a group? We can come onsite to your office and hold a course - Learn More.

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  • Hands-on Exercises

Class RegistrationClass TitlePriceStudent Location# Day(s)Start Date
Register Now >AutoCAD 2012/2013 Essentials$1,650 Online - Stockton36/22/2015 10:00:00 AM Eastern
Register Now >AutoCAD 2014 Essentials$1,650 Online - Stockton36/22/2015 10:00:00 AM Eastern
Register Now >AutoCAD 2012 3D Drawing & Modeling$1,650 Online - Stockton36/23/2015 10:00:00 AM Eastern
Register Now >AutoCAD 2015 Advanced$1,650 Online - Stockton36/30/2015 10:00:00 AM Eastern
Register Now >AutoCAD 2015 Essentials$1,650 Online - Stockton37/6/2015 10:00:00 AM Eastern
Register Now >AutoCAD 2013/2014 3D Drawing and Modeling$1,650 Online - Stockton37/7/2015 10:00:00 AM Eastern
Register Now >AutoCAD 2012/2013 Essentials$1,650 Online - Stockton37/13/2015 10:00:00 AM Eastern
Register Now >AutoCAD 2014 Essentials$1,650 Online - Stockton37/13/2015 10:00:00 AM Eastern
Register Now >AutoCAD 2012/2013 Advanced$1,650 Online - Stockton37/27/2015 10:00:00 AM Eastern
Register Now >AutoCAD 2014 Advanced$1,650 Online - Stockton37/27/2015 10:00:00 AM Eastern

If you want to make yourself more competitive in the job market, consider taking one of our CAD training courses. Our CAD training courses specialize in AutoCAD, a popular software used in many industries today. The CAD training courses offered by Certified Staffing Solutions cover the most important aspects of AutoCAD. Certified instructors provide you with both theoretical-based assignments and practical hands-on training.

Our AutoCAD classes provide you with real-time situations typical to what you’d find in an actual work environment. Certified Staffing Solutions provides AutoCAD training to individuals or large groups. Whether you want to take online classes or have the instructors come to your home or office, AutoCAD training courses through Certified Staffing Solutions offer a convenient way to learn about this popular software.

Individuals taking the course online will not be left to their own devices; live instructors are available to assist and answer any questions. Large groups taking this course may get group discounts, as well as customized training to meet the needs of the company. The CAD training courses are set up in time blocks that are convenient to you or your group.

If you’re looking for AutoCAD training courses that offer experienced instructors, hands-on training, affordable prices and flexibility to learn at your own pace, check out Certified Staffing Solutions.


Some Companies in California We've Trained:

In Stockton and other cities in California, we have trained these companies. Feel free to contact us for student or company references.

  » Adaptive Insights in Palo Alto, CA

  » Atrenta in San Jose, CA

  » AIG in Fremont, CA

  » Autodesk in San Rafael, CA

  » AltaMed Health Services Corporation in Los Angeles, CA

  » Barton Health in South Lake Tahoe, CA

  » AltheaDx, Inc. in San Diego, CA

  » Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. - Irvine in Irvine, CA

  » AmeriCorps NCCC in McClellan, CA

  » BlackRock in San Francisco, CA

  » Ana Woolliscroft in Campbell, CA

  » Blowfish LLC in Santa Monica, CA

  » Anderson Direct Marketing in Poway, CA

  » Blue Microphones in Westlake Village, CA

  » Aquaneering in San Diego, CA

  » Brahma Group Inc in Bakersfield, CA

  » Asian Pacific American Legal Center in Los Angeles, CA

  » Bridgepoint Education in San Diego, CA

  » ASIC Advantage in Sunnyvale, CA

  » C&L Aerospace in Ventura, CA

  » Assured Relocation in Menlo Park, CA

  » CA State Compensation Insurance Fund in San Francisco, CA

  » Atherton Appliance & Kitchens in Redwood, CA

  » Cal State Fullerton, Extended Ed in Fullerton, CA

  » Atlona Technologies in Sunnyvale, CA

  » California Department of Education in Sacramento, CA

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Have a Group of Students in Stockton?

If you have a group of several students, we are able to provide AutoCAD training onsite at companies in the Stockton , CA  area.

> Request an Onsite Training Quote < for your group in Stockton today.

How Onsite Training Works

  • An expert Instructor will come to your office and personally train the students
  • Course can be fully customized to your training needs
  • Each student receives a Course Manual with Practice Files (Materials provided before the class date)
  • Course is scheduled based on dates you provide (Subject to instructor availability)
  • We usually require about 3-4 weeks lead time to arrange a training session
  • Training is completed in a convenient session(s) of your choosing
  • Two 15 minute breaks and one hour long break for lunch daily

> Request an Onsite Training Quote <

We are able to provide AutoCAD training onsite at companies in Stockton.

Technology has transformed the way business is done, and our specialized computer training can give you the edge you need to be competitive in today’s market. Here at Certified Staffing Solutions, our expert instructors provide top-notch computer training to our many clients across the United States, including the Stockton, CA area. We offer a myriad of customized training sessions to meet your needs, including: live, in-person classes in one of our nationwide offices, online training, or private instruction all conducted by our experienced instructors. It pays to be more tech savvy, especially as technology continues to change at a fast pace. So, whether you are looking to give yourself that leg-up to compete in today’s market or provide specialized training to your employees, or even start your own blog we can help you get started with over 150 courses offered in the Stockton area. So, what are you waiting for? Browse the Certified Staffing Solutions course catalog and sign up today!

Certified Staffing Solutions provides AutoCAD training in Stockton and these neighborhoods:

  » Akers

  » Fair Oaks

  » Orford

  » August

  » French Camp

  » Ortega

  » Burnham

  » Garden Acres

  » Sibley (historical)

  » Charleston (historical)

  » Kennedy

  » Stockton

  » Collegeville

  » Larson

  » The Homestead

  » Country Club

  » Mormon

  » Walthal

  » El Pinal

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