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CompTIA Security Plus Certification Classes in Jefferson City, MO


Learn CompTIA Security Plus Certification  in Jefferson City  with our hands-on, instructor-led training courses. Our CompTIA Security Plus Certification are task-based and focus on real-world scenarios and challenges students face in their day-to-day environments. CompTIA Security Plus Certification  training is available on-site for groups in a private setting. We also offer CompTIA Security Plus Certification  online classes for individuals. Each CompTIA Security Plus Certification  seminar that we offer is instructor-led, so whether you need CompTIA Security Plus Certification  online classes or classes on-site you will learn from an instructor. Our Jefferson City CompTIA Security Plus Certification training contain tutorials with hands-on exercises.


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Individual Training

Just yourself in Jefferson City ?

  • Live Instructor-led online classes
  • Appropriate for individuals in Jefferson City
  • Attend class from home or office
  • NOT e-Learning - live instructors teaching

Group Training

Have a group in Jefferson City?

  • Private training at your Jefferson City office
  • Appropriate for groups of 5 or more students
  • Custom classes based on your needs
  • Large savings compared to individual training

Learn About:

1. Introduction to Security. 2. Malware and Social Engineering Attacks 3. Internet, Wireless, and Other Attacks. 4. Vulnerability Assessment and Mitigating Attacks 5. Data, Application, and Physical Security. 6. Securing the Host. 7. Network Security. 8. Network Security Protocols and Administering a Secure Network. 9. Wireless Network Security. 10. Access Control Fundamentals. 11. Authentication and Account Management. 12. Basic Cryptography. 13. Digital Certificates, PKI, and Transport Encryption. 14. Business Continuity. 15. Risk Mitigation and Awareness Training.

Jefferson City CompTIA Security Plus Certification Training

If you’re part of the information security field and in need of more training, why not consider taking a CompTIA Security+ course? Taking computer courses is easy with Certified Staffing Solutions. Certified Staffing Solutions specialized in providing computer training to individuals or groups nationwide. They offer both online and on-site courses. How Do Online Courses Work?When you choose to take your CompTIA Security+ course online, you’ll have a real live instructor, unlike some e-Learning formats. The course provides you with a hands-on learning environment that gives students real experience and prepares them for real-time situations. How Do On-Site Courses Work?If online courses don’t interest you, vendor-certified instructors from Certified Staffing Solutions will come to your home or workplace to provide the training. They offer you the flexibility of choosing the time and place; their goal is to meet your needs and the needs of your company. They offer individual or group training. This course can typically be completed in five days. What Will I Learn in the CompTIA Security+ Course?The CompTIA Security+ training introduces the student to network and computer security issues. Students learn about network security, host security, threats and vulnerabilities, cryptography, Web application attacks and how to fight off network attacks. Students have access to videos, live podcasts and group discussions. Successfully completing this course prepares students to take the CompTIA Security+ certification exam. If you’re interested in learning about CompTIA Security+ at your convenience and at a price that can’t be beat, contact us now!

Achieve CompTIA Security+ Certification with our hands-on, instructor-led training courses. Our Security+ Certification classes are task-based and focus on real-world scenarios and challenges students face in their day to day environments.

Are you looking for a quick and easy CompTIA Security Plus Certification? If you are in the field of IT you know that this type of certification can help to enhance your resume and help you get that coveted promotion or get higher pay in your current IT position. This certification, while not required, can give you the added skill to continue to be a valuable and productive member of your organization's employment staff. We can help you, either through live classes in Phoenix or online throughout the world, get certified in this area!


Our firm is called Certified Staffing Solutions, and we promise that you will get this certification and will be fully qualified in all of the particulars of the CompTIA Plus Certification. You can take classes online with a live instructor, you can take them at our Phoenix headquarters, or if you have a large group we can send an instructor to you. We will go the extra to help your organization.


Additional Courses Available:

Have a Group of Students in Jefferson City?

If you have a group of several students, we are able to provide CompTIA Security Plus Certification training onsite at companies in the Jefferson City , MO  area.

> Request an Onsite Training Quote < for your group in Jefferson City today.

How Onsite Training Works

  • An expert Instructor will come to your office and personally train the students
  • Course can be fully customized to your training needs
  • Each student receives a Course Manual with Practice Files (Materials provided before the class date)
  • Course is scheduled based on dates you provide (Subject to instructor availability)
  • We usually require about 3-4 weeks lead time to arrange a training session
  • Training is completed in a convenient session(s) of your choosing
  • Two 15 minute breaks and one hour long break for lunch daily

> Request an Onsite Training Quote <

We are able to provide CompTIA Security Plus Certification training onsite at companies in Jefferson City.

Certified Staffing Solutions
, Jefferson City, MO

IT Professional Student Reviews

"The class was excellent. I'm used to in class instruction, but this format was comparable and convenient. Thank you!" - Scott M.

"Instructor demonstrated outstanding organization. Always ready with examples and explanations. Fabulous presentation! " - Cathy I.

"I really enjoyed this class. I given me the knowledge to update and/or revamp my AD work system envionment within my department. Tom is an excellent instructor. He explained concepts clearly and expanded on the excersises which gave me a better understanding. My goal was to gain a better understanding of AD to better manage my system at work. This class and Tom gave me some great ideas and suggestions for doing that." - Gabe M.

"Simple, Excellent instruction; The instructor is very competent in delivering complex concepts in an extraordinarily simple manner. I would suggest this instructor anytime for this material." - Adolph T.

"This was the best online class I have ever been in!" - Jessica S.

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