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Havre, MT Computer Classes

Individual Training

Just yourself in Havre ?

  • Live Instructor-led online classes
  • Appropriate for individuals in Havre
  • Attend class from home or office
  • NOT e-Learning - live instructors teaching

Group Training

Have a group in Havre?

  • Private training at your Havre office
  • Appropriate for groups of 4 or more students
  • Custom classes based on your needs
  • Instant Quote Sheet Emailed to You

Havre, MT Training Categories

Accounting classes Havre

Microsoft IIS classes Havre

Adobe Acrobat classes Havre

Microsoft MCSA Boot Camp classes Havre

Adobe After Effects classes Havre

Microsoft MCSE Boot Camp classes Havre

Adobe Captivate classes Havre

Microsoft Outlook classes Havre

Adobe Dreamweaver classes Havre

Microsoft PowerPoint classes Havre

Adobe Fireworks classes Havre

Microsoft Project classes Havre

Adobe Flash classes Havre

Microsoft Publisher classes Havre

Adobe Illustrator classes Havre

Microsoft SQL Server classes Havre

Adobe InDesign classes Havre

Microsoft Visio classes Havre

Adobe Lightroom classes Havre

Microsoft Word classes Havre

Adobe Photoshop classes Havre

Minitab classes Havre

Adobe Premiere Pro classes Havre

Oracle classes Havre

Android Development classes Havre

Perl classes Havre

AutoCAD classes Havre

PHP classes Havre

Autodesk 3ds Studio Max classes Havre

Pro Tools classes Havre

CEH Ethical Hacker classes Havre

Programming classes Havre

Cisco CCNA classes Havre

Project Management classes Havre

CISSP Certification classes Havre

Python classes Havre

Cloud Computing classes Havre

Quickbooks classes Havre

CompTIA A Plus Certification classes Havre

Ruby Programming classes Havre

CompTIA Linux Plus Certification classes Havre

Salesforce classes Havre

CompTIA Network Plus Certification classes Havre

SAS classes Havre

CompTIA Security Plus Certification classes Havre

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) classes Havre

Crystal Reports classes Havre

SharePoint classes Havre

FileMaker classes Havre

Six Sigma classes Havre

Google Adwords classes Havre

Social Media Marketing classes Havre

Google Analytics classes Havre

SPSS classes Havre

HTML - CSS classes Havre

SQL classes Havre

HTML5 classes Havre

Statistics classes Havre

iPhone App Development classes Havre

Sybase classes Havre

ITIL classes Havre

Unix classes Havre

Java classes Havre

VMware classes Havre

Javascript classes Havre

Windows 7 classes Havre

jQuery classes Havre

Windows 8 classes Havre

Linux classes Havre

Windows Powershell classes Havre

Microsoft .NET classes Havre

Windows Server classes Havre

Microsoft Access classes Havre

WordPerfect classes Havre

Microsoft Dynamics classes Havre

WordPress classes Havre

Microsoft Excel classes Havre

XML classes Havre

Microsoft Exchange classes Havre

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, Havre, MT

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Additional Courses Available:

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Attend Class Right From Your Home or Office

  • Live instructor teaches you and gives you hands-on exercises
  • Classes delivered from 10:00AM to 5:00PM Eastern
  • You get a break every 2 hours
  • Students hear and ask questions instantly to the instructor
  • Students see the instructor's live presentation on their own computers
  • The instructor can view and assist students on their local computers
  • All class materials are sent by mail

Download PDF with Full Details & Tech Requirements

Private Training for a Group at Your Office

  • A Certified Instructor will come to your office and personally train the students
  • Course can be fully customized to your training needs
  • Each student receives a Course Manual with Practice Files (Materials provided before the class date)
  • Course is scheduled based on dates you provide (Subject to instructor availability)
  • We usually require about 3-4 weeks lead time to arrange a training session
  • Training is completed in a convenient session(s) of your choosing
  • Two 15 minute breaks and one hour long break for lunch daily

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Student Testimonials

"I thought online training wouldn't be that accurate, but attending this class change my perspective with it. And I would recommend it to everyone. With this class I learned a lot of things about excel and I didn't realize that we would be able to cover all the pages from the book. Great session!"
Jai R. - Creganna TACTX Medical

"It was great having an interactive class. I feel like I learned a lot...very good instructor!"
Kristi D. - End Stage Renal Disease Network of Texas

"The class was very helpful in teaching the basics of Project 2007. I thought the instructor did a great job of making the class interactive. It was a very conversational and comfortable learning environment. I intend to sign up for another class through Certified Staffing in the future. Thank you."
Pamela K - Individual

"Very knowledgeable instructor, extremely well structured learning atmosphere."
Corey A. - Cumberland County North Carolina

"Jeffry was a great instructor and I can honestly say I enjoyed the course with him. He was very clear, patient, and helpful in answering the additional questions I had for him. I will highly recommend this course and Jeffrey as an instructor to anyone who is interested in taking an Excel course. Thank you Jeffry!"
Kari B. - KaemingK

"Put together really well, I dint feel rushed, or lost. Great course. Thanks!"
Patrick F - Individual



Attend Class Right From Your Home or Office

Register for a Class | Download PDF with Full Details

Private Training for a Group at Your Office

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