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Accounting training San Juan

Google Analytics training San Juan

Oracle training San Juan

Adobe Acrobat training San Juan

HTML training San Juan

Perl Programming training San Juan

Adobe After Effects training San Juan

HTML5 training San Juan

PHP Programming training San Juan

Adobe Captivate training San Juan

iOS App Programming training San Juan

Pro Tools training San Juan

Adobe Dreamweaver training San Juan

ITIL Certification training San Juan

Project Management training San Juan

Adobe Fireworks training San Juan

Java Programming training San Juan

Python Programming training San Juan

Adobe Flash training San Juan

Javascript training San Juan

Quickbooks training San Juan

Adobe Illustrator training San Juan

jQuery training San Juan

Ruby Programming training San Juan

Adobe InDesign training San Juan

Linux training San Juan

Salesforce.com training San Juan

Adobe Lightroom training San Juan

Microsoft .NET training San Juan

SAS training San Juan

Adobe Photoshop training San Juan

Microsoft Access training San Juan

Search Engine Optimization training San Juan

Adobe Premiere Pro training San Juan

Microsoft Dynamics training San Juan

Six Sigma training San Juan

Android Development training San Juan

Microsoft Excel training San Juan

Social Media Marketing training San Juan

AutoCAD training San Juan

Microsoft Exchange training San Juan

SPSS training San Juan

Autodesk 3ds Studio Max training San Juan

Microsoft IIS training San Juan

SQL training San Juan

Cisco CCNA training San Juan

Microsoft MCSA Boot Camp training San Juan

Statistics training San Juan

CISSP Certification training San Juan

Microsoft MCSE Boot Camp training San Juan

Sybase training San Juan

CompTIA A+ Certification training San Juan

Microsoft Outlook training San Juan

Unix training San Juan

CompTIA Cloud Essentials training San Juan

Microsoft PowerPoint training San Juan

VMware training San Juan

CompTIA Linux+ Certification training San Juan

Microsoft Project training San Juan

Windows 7 training San Juan

CompTIA Network+ Certification training San Juan

Microsoft Publisher training San Juan

Windows 8 training San Juan

CompTIA Security+ Certification training San Juan

Microsoft SharePoint training San Juan

Windows Powershell training San Juan

Computer Programming training San Juan

Microsoft SQL Server training San Juan

Windows Server training San Juan

Crystal Reports training San Juan

Microsoft Visio training San Juan

WordPerfect training San Juan

Ethical Hacking training San Juan

Microsoft Word training San Juan

WordPress training San Juan

FileMaker training San Juan

Minitab training San Juan

XML training San Juan

Google Adwords training San Juan

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San Juan, PR

Some Companies in PR We've Trained:

In San Juan and other cities in PR, we have trained these companies. Feel free to contact us for student or company references.

  » Area Local de Desarrollo Laboral Noroeste in Aguadilla, PR

  » Pfizer - PR in Manati, PR

  » Ergon Caribbean Corp in Guaynabo, PR

Certified Staffing Solutions provides computer training in San Juan and these neighborhoods:

  » Altamesa

  » Extension Las Casas

  » Miramar

  » San José

  » Altamira

  » Floral Park

  » Monte Bello

  » San Juan Chateau

  » Alturas de Berwind

  » Fuerte San Gerónimo

  » Monte Park

  » San Juan Zona Urbana

  » Amelia

  » Garden Hills

  » Monteflores

  » San Martín

  » Atlantic View

  » Gardenville

  » Monterrey

  » San Ramon

  » Baldrich

  » Georgetown

  » Muñoz Rivera

  » Santa Ana

  » Basilo Davila

  » Gonzales Seijo

  » Nemesio Canales

  » Santa Barbara

  » Belisa

  » Guaynabo Zona Urbana

  » Oasis Gardens

  » Santa María

  » Bello Horizonte

  » Hector A Piñero

  » Obrero

  » Santa Rita

  » Berwind Estates

  » Highland Park

  » Ocean Park

  » Santa Teresita

  » Biascoechea

  » Hill Brothers

  » Parcelas Falú

  » Santiago Iglesias

  » Buen Consejo

  » Huyke

  » Park Gardens

  » Suchville

  » Buenos Aires

  » Hyde Park

  » Parkside

  » Summit Hills

  » Cambridge Park

  » Israel

  » Parque

  » Torrimar

  » Campo Rico

  » Iturregui

  » Parque Isla Verde

  » Town Park

  » Cantera

  » Jardines de Monte Hatillo

  » Pérez Morris

  » Tras Talleres

  » Caparra Hills

  » Jardines de Valencia

  » Puerta de Tierra

  » Truman

  » Caparra Terrace

  » Jardines del Paraiso

  » Puerto Nuevo

  » University Gardens

  » Cataño

  » Jardines Selles

  » Puerto Nuevo Norte

  » Valencia

  » Cayo Hueso

  » La Riviera

  » Punta Las Marías

  » Venezuela

  » Central Vannia (historical)

  » La Vista

  » Quintana

  » Venus Gardens

  » Chestnut Hill

  » Laguna Gardens

  » Ramón Nevares

  » Victor Braegger

  » Club Manor

  » Las Américas

  » Ramos Antonini

  » Vietnam

  » Colinas Vendes

  » Las Casas

  » Reparto Sevilla

  » Villa Andalucia

  » College Park

  » Las Lomas

  » Reparto Universitario

  » Villa Borinquen

  » Concordia Gardens

  » Las Palmas

  » Reparto Universitario San Antonio

  » Villa Caparra

  » Condado

  » Loíza

  » Residence San Juan Bautista

  » Villa Capri

  » Costa del Norte (historical)

  » Lopez Sicardo

  » Residencial El Mirador

  » Villa del Rio

  » Country Club

  » Los Angeles

  » Residencial Las Margaritas

  » Villa Grande

  » Davita y Llenza

  » Los Caobos

  » Residencial Luis Llorens Torres

  » Villa Mar

  » De Diego

  » Los Frailes

  » Residencial Matienzo Cintron

  » Villa Marina

  » Del Carmen

  » Los Maestros

  » Rio Piedras

  » Villa Nevares

  » Delicias

  » Los Peñas

  » Rosendo Matienzo Cintron

  » Villa Palmeras

  » Dos Pinos

  » Luis Llorens Torres

  » Round Hill

  » Villa Panamericana

  » El Palmar

  » Mansiones Monterrey

  » Sabana

  » Villa Prades

  » El Paradiso

  » Manuel A Perez

  » Sagrado Corazón

  » Villas de Lago Mar

  » El Vedado

  » Marruecos

  » San Agustín

  » Vosburg

  » El Viejo San Juan

  » Martin Martell

  » San Francisco

  » Yambelle

  » Eleanor Roosevelt

  » Martín Peña

  » San Gerardo

Attend Class Right From Your Home or Office

  • Live instructor teaches you and gives you hands-on exercises
  • Classes delivered from 10:00AM to 5:00PM Eastern
  • You get a break every 2 hours
  • Students hear and ask questions instantly to the instructor
  • Students see the instructor's live presentation on their own computers
  • The instructor can view and assist students on their local computers
  • All class materials are sent by mail

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Private Training for a Group at Your Office

  • A Certified Instructor will come to your office and personally train the students
  • Course can be fully customized to your training needs
  • Each student receives a Course Manual with Practice Files (Materials provided before the class date)
  • Course is scheduled based on dates you provide (Subject to instructor availability)
  • We usually require about 3-4 weeks lead time to arrange a training session
  • Training is completed in a convenient session(s) of your choosing
  • Two 15 minute breaks and one hour long break for lunch daily

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Student Testimonials

"I thought online training wouldn't be that accurate, but attending this class change my perspective with it. And I would recommend it to everyone. With this class I learned a lot of things about excel and I didn't realize that we would be able to cover all the pages from the book. Great session!"
Jai R. - Creganna TACTX Medical

"It was great having an interactive class. I feel like I learned a lot...very good instructor!"
Kristi D. - End Stage Renal Disease Network of Texas

"The class was very helpful in teaching the basics of Project 2007. I thought the instructor did a great job of making the class interactive. It was a very conversational and comfortable learning environment. I intend to sign up for another class through Certified Staffing in the future. Thank you."
Pamela K - Individual

"Very knowledgeable instructor, extremely well structured learning atmosphere."
Corey A. - Cumberland County North Carolina

"Jeffry was a great instructor and I can honestly say I enjoyed the course with him. He was very clear, patient, and helpful in answering the additional questions I had for him. I will highly recommend this course and Jeffrey as an instructor to anyone who is interested in taking an Excel course. Thank you Jeffry!"
Kari B. - KaemingK

"Put together really well, I dint feel rushed, or lost. Great course. Thanks!"
Patrick F - Individual

Attend Class Right From Your Home or Office

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Private Training for a Group at Your Office

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