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Washington SPSS Training

If you need to learn SPSS in Washington, we offer three ways to take training - in-Classroom, Onsite at your location for groups of 5 or more students or Live Online by the same expert instructors.

Learn the skills to use and master SPSS with our hands-on, instructor-led training courses. Our SPSS classes are task-based and focus on real-world uses and challenges individuals face in their day to day environments.

Washington Client Locations

We can deliver SPSS training Onsite or Online to clients in these Washington cities:

  • Seattle, Portland, Tacoma, Spokane

WA Private Training

Certified Staffing Solutions offers private customized onsite training in WA and surrounding areas for groups of 5 or more. Our private WA classes are normally delivered at your offices in the WA area, but can be delivered at a different location of your choice or via Online Instructor-led.

See our Onsite training page for information on purchasing private training from us or Contact us for a proposal.

WA Public Classes

Certified Staffing Solutions offers public online training classes for individuals and small groups in WA. Most of our instructor-led online classes are delivered from 10:00AM to 5:00PM Eastern via a live web conference. Learn how our online instructor-led classes work or contact us for a free demo.

All our Washington SPSS Courses

Advanced Statistical Analysis using SPSS - 2 day(s)
In this two-day seminar you will consider in depth some of the more advanced statistical procedures that are available in SPSS. You'll take a look at several advanced statistical techniques and discuss situations when each may be used, the assumptions made by each method, how to set up the analysis using SPSS and how to interpret the results.

Data Management & Manipulation with SPSS - 2 day(s)
The focus of this two-day course is on the use of a wide range of transformation techniques, ways to automate your work, manipulate your data files and results, and send your output to other Windows applications. You will gain an understanding of the various options for operating SPSS and how to use syntax to perform data transformations efficiently.

Introduction to SPSS - 2 day(s)
Get up to speed in SPSS quickly and easily in this two-day course. The course guides you through the fundamentals of using SPSS for typical data analysis process. Learn the basics of read data, data definition, data modification, and data analysis and presentation of your results. See how easy it is to get your data into SPSS so that you can focus on analyzing the information. In addition to the fundamentals, learn shortcuts that will help you save time.

Introduction to Statistical Analysis using SPSS - 2 day(s)
The focus of this two-day course is an introduction to the statistical component of SPSS. This is an application-oriented course and the approach is practical. You'll take a look at several statistical techniques and discuss situations in which you would use each technique, the assumptions made by each method, how to set up the analysis using SPSS as well as how to interpret the results. This includes a broad range of techniques for exploring and summarizing data, as well as investigating and testing underlying relationships. You will gain an understanding of when and why to use these various techniques as well as how to apply them with confidence, and interpret their output, and graphically display the results using SPSS.

Mastering SPSS - 3 day(s)
Mastering SPSS is a comprehensive course for using SPSS. The course includes overviews of the interface and help section; editing, preparing, and transforming data; creating, handling, and transforming files; working with output and command syntax; performing a wide range of analysis techniques; creating charts and tables; customizing menus and toolbars; using the production and scripting facilities; and managing output 

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SPSS training Seattle
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SPSS training Spokane
PowerPoint training Spokane
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Outlook training Spokane
SPSS training Spokane
SAS training Spokane
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Visio training Spokane
Crystal Reports training Spokane

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Student Testimonials

"I thought online training wouldn't be that accurate, but attending this class change my perspective with it. And I would recommend it to everyone. With this class I learned a lot of things about excel and I didn't realize that we would be able to cover all the pages from the book. Great session!"
Jai R. - Creganna TACTX Medical

"It was great having an interactive class. I feel like I learned a lot...very good instructor!"
Kristi D. - End Stage Renal Disease Network of Texas

"The class was very helpful in teaching the basics of Project 2007. I thought the instructor did a great job of making the class interactive. It was a very conversational and comfortable learning environment. I intend to sign up for another class through Certified Staffing in the future. Thank you."
Pamela K - Individual

"Very knowledgeable instructor, extremely well structured learning atmosphere."
Corey A. - Cumberland County North Carolina

"Jeffry was a great instructor and I can honestly say I enjoyed the course with him. He was very clear, patient, and helpful in answering the additional questions I had for him. I will highly recommend this course and Jeffrey as an instructor to anyone who is interested in taking an Excel course. Thank you Jeffry!"
Kari B. - KaemingK

"Put together really well, I dint feel rushed, or lost. Great course. Thanks!"
Patrick F - Individual