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Agile Development with Scrum Training Course

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Knowledge Pre-Requisites

Course Description:

This 2-day course is a thorough examination of Scrum and agile development wherein students will learn the process of iterative development, the agile approach to software development, and the intricacies of Scrum's practices and Scrum projects

Course Lessons:

1. Iterative Development
The Iterative Philosophy
Structure of a Typical Iteration
The Business Case for Iteration

2. Agile Development
Agility – What Does it Mean?
The Agile Manifesto
The 12 Agile Principles
Agile Practices

3. Scrum
Scrum Practices
Structure of Scrum
3 Work Products
3 Project Roles
4 Project Meetings

4. User Stories & Requirements
What is a User Story?
What Does a User Story Look Like?
Where Do User Stories Fit in Scrum?

5. Planning a Scrum Project
The Product Backlog
Mapping Features to Product Backlog
Identify User Stories from Features
Estimating Effort for User Stories

6. Agile Estimation
Story Points & Ideal Days
Estimating Actual Effort
Velocity & Actual Time
Estimating with Planning Poker

7. Planning a Scrum Sprint
Mapping a Sprint Backlog to Tasks
The Spring Planning Meetings
Velocity-driven Planning
Commitment-driven Planning

8. Executing a Sprint
The Task Board
The Daily Scrum
Accumulating the Burndown
Team Self-Management
Aborting a Sprint
Finishing Early or Late
Testing with the Sprint
Bugs in an Iteration
Ending the Sprint
Deploying the Software

9. Scrum’s Effect on Stakeholders
Business Analysts
Project Managers
Documentation Writers

10. Scaling Scrum
Planning for Dependencies
Planning for Multiple-Team Projects

11. Appendix A – Agile Alternatives
Extreme Programming
Agile Unified Process

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