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iPhone & iPad Application Development (iOS 6) Training Course

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Knowledge Pre-Requisites

Course Description:

This 5 day course is ideal for beginning developers who are eager to create native applications for the Apple iPhone and iPad. This course: Establishes a strong foundation for getting started with iOS 6 programming; Walks you through responding to and handling device rotations as well as the different types of screen orientations; Shows how to use the various application templates: Tabbed, Master-Detail, Single View, and Utility; Explores techniques for using the table view in a Master-Detail application; Shares advice for file handling and database storage; Covers ways to access the various sensors and recognize a variety of gestures; Shows how to build Location-Based Services applications using Google Maps, reverse geocoding, adding annotations, and more...

Course Lessons:

1Course Outline1. Welcome to the Jungle
2. Appeasing the Tiki Gods
3. Handling Basic Interaction
4. More User Interface Fun
5. Autorotation and Autosizing
6. Multiview Applications
7. Tab Bars and Pickers
8. Introduction to Table Views
9. Navigation Controllers and Table Views
10. Storyboards
11. iPad Considerations
12. Application Settings and User Defaults
13. Basic Data Persistence
14. Get Your App in the iCloud
15. Grand Central Dispatch, Background Processing, and You
16. Drawing with Quartz and OpenGL
17. Taps, Touches, and Gestures
18. Where Am I? Finding Your Way with Core Location
19. Whee! Gyro and Accelerometer!
20. iPhone Camera and Photo Library
21. Collection Views
22. Application Localization
23. Appendix: Where to Next?

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