About Certstaffix Training

About Us

Certstaffix Training specializes in providing computer training to businesses and organizations nationwide. Our instructors are professional trainers and utilize hands-on exercises to reinforce lecture. Each averages more than 5 years delivering classes to business professionals.

How We Deliver Training - Always Instructor-led

  1. Live Online: Classes listed as Live Online are attended from your office/home, taught by a live instructor - Learn More.
  2. Computer Lab: Classes listed as Computer Lab are conducted in a computer lab via Remote Instructor-led training - Learn More.
  3. Have a group? We can come onsite to your office and hold a course - Learn More.

Our Advantages

  • Our Instructors: 5+ years experience teaching to corporate professionals; understand how to increase employee & organizational skills

  • Training Delivery Options: We deliver training either onsite at your office, in a computer lab or live online

  • Customization: We can create a custom course/training plan to meet your specific organization's training needs

With a determined focus of delivering top notch computer training from expert instructors, Certstaffix Training can meet the IT training needs of small and large organizations.

Some of Our Past Clients:

Student Reviews

Reviews From Past Students

"Very informative. Hands on training, great."

From Anonymous Student - Attended PowerPoint 2007/2010 Advanced class

"Very informative! Should have been required in college!"

From Anonymous Student - Attended Excel 2013 Intermediate class

"This was great. Thank you!"

From Anonymous Student - Attended Excel 2007/2010 Advanced class

"This was an awesome class. We will need to tell our company we need two days."

From Anonymous Student - Attended Excel 2013 Basic class

"This was a good introduction to Python programming and programming in general for me to develop initial skills in a programming environment."

From Anonymous Student - Attended Python I: Essentials class

"The training fit my needs perfectly & will help me become more hands-on with data management & manipulation at my company. "

From Anonymous Student - Attended Data Management & Manipulation with SPSS class

"The instructor was very respectful and did a very good job throughout the day."

From Anonymous Student - Attended Project 2013 Basic class

"The instructor was very good. Would highly recommend to others."

From Anonymous Student - Attended Excel 2013 Advanced class

"The class was very informative and the instructor gladly provided one-on-one assistance with any questions."

From Anonymous Student - Attended Excel 2013 Advanced class

"Thank you so much Tim! I learned alot!"

From Anonymous Student - Attended HTML 4.01 Basic class

"Thank you for your expertise today. This class was exactly what we needed. We look forward to the next class."

From Anonymous Student - Attended PowerPoint 2007/2010 Basic class

"Steve was so great. He was really patient and really took the time to make sure I understood everything he was teaching. Would highly recommend him to anyone and would be interested in having him for an instructor in the future."

From Anonymous Student - Attended Six Sigma Yellow Belt class

"Stephen was an excellent instructor in my opinion. I was one of two people in the class that have no AutoCAD experience and he took the time to go through the different commands and steps when we needed clarification. Those in class that had prior experience with AutoCAD also learned new and more efficient ways of doing things as well. He also tailored the class to our needs and what is applicable to our jobs which was very good. Great instructor!"

From Anonymous Student - Attended AutoCAD 2014 Essentials class

"Really good!!"

From Anonymous Student - Attended PowerPoint 2007/2010 Basic class

"Michelle was great - incredibly kind and patient!"

From Anonymous Student - Attended Access 2013 Intermediate class

"It was great!"

From Anonymous Student - Attended Project 2013 Advanced class

"Instructor knew what he was teaching. Engaged with the class and very open."

From Anonymous Student - Attended Excel 2013 Advanced class

"I wish I could take this course every day. Jeff was super engaging and made it fun. Our team consisted of a wide range of experience levels with SPSS including those who had never used it and had never taken a stats class, to those who had been using it for many years and were pretty advanced. Nonetheless it was incredibly useful for all and we are dying to have Jeff come back and teach more, and maybe even help on some of our projects. The only thing I would say is that I think we may have bitten a little more than we could chew in some cases - it would be great to make this a 3 or even 4 day course in the future! As for making it something I can apply in my job - I am certain I can apply 70% or so of it but there was some of it that flew over my head so that may not be as useful for now - hence we will be calling again! As I think that was more of an issue with the breadth of material we requested. Can't wait to work with Jeff again!"

From Anonymous Student - Attended SAS Enterprise Guide 2: Advanced Tasks and Querying class

"I wanted to add additional comments about the Manual. The manual is excellent! So easy to follow. Mr. Green was extremely pleasant and patient with me. "

From Anonymous Student - Attended Captivate 8: Essentials class

"I so glad these classes exist. I have used Microsoft Office for years. My knowledge of it comes completely from trial and error (lots of error!). I so glad I now have a reference guide. Excel is no longer a big hairy beast to me."

From Anonymous Student - Attended Excel 2013 Intermediate class

"I received a lot of information and got a lot out of the course."

From Anonymous Student - Attended Access 2013 Advanced class

"I like that it was very hands-on."

From Anonymous Student - Attended Excel 2007/2010 Intermediate class

"I guess since we had some background in WP we didn't really follow the book; however, the hand-on approach and problem resolution that will did was EXCELLENT! Holly is definitely and expert and really assisted in identifying our issues and providing direction for our WP needs. I was able to identify a Theme that worked for me and understand how to configure my the items involved. I am comfortable as I move ahead with using his product. "

From Anonymous Student - Attended WordPress 3 for End Users class

"I found the instructor to be thoroughly knowledgeable and adept at explaining clearly and concisely. I would recommend him to anyone seeking training."

From Anonymous Student - Attended AutoCAD 2015 Essentials class

"I expected to be bored, but Jeffry was engaging and presented the material in an interesting manner that kept me awake and interested. I gained a better understanding of the information I'd learned in college."

From Anonymous Student - Attended Introductory Statistics - Intermediate class

"Great Course. It opened up a ton of abilities in Excel that I did not know how to utilize until now."

From Anonymous Student - Attended Excel 2013 Advanced class

"Great class. I felt the team got the concepts and value out of it. Great job."

From Anonymous Student - Attended Project 2013 Basic class

"Excellent course. Instructor was very knowledgeable and communicated information effectively."

From Anonymous Student - Attended Excel 2007/2010 Intermediate class

"Enjoyed the class, very helpful"

From Anonymous Student - Attended Excel 2013 Advanced class

"Carol was great! I should of had this training in college and I felt like I had a semester long class of information in only 8 hours."

From Anonymous Student - Attended Excel 2007/2010 Intermediate class

"Amazing Instructor. Never thought I would learn so much!!"

From Anonymous Student - Attended Excel 2013 Intermediate class

"Ali was great!"

From Anonymous Student - Attended Illustrator CS6/CC class

"Ali did an excellent job explaining the material "

From Anonymous Student - Attended PowerPoint 2007/2010 Advanced class

"Ali did a great job, extremely clear and easy to follow."

From Anonymous Student - Attended Excel 2007/2010 Intermediate class

"I really enjoyed this class. I given me the knowledge to update and/or revamp my AD work system envionment within my department. Tom is an excellent instructor. He explained concepts clearly and expanded on the excersises which gave me a better understanding. My goal was to gain a better understanding of AD to better manage my system at work. This class and Tom gave me some great ideas and suggestions for doing that."

From Gabe M. - Attended IT Professional class

"Instructor demonstrated outstanding organization. Always ready with examples and explanations. Fabulous presentation! "

From Cathy I. - Attended IT Professional class

"Ken is an amazing instructor and a pleasure to work with. Ken makes the lecture interesting and not at all boring. He takes time out to make sure all of your questions are answered. He also makes sure that you have a good understanding of the labs before you do them. He is very knowledgeable about the entire topic of ASP.Net and then some. If I were to take another class in programming I would request him. Again, I can not say enough good things about Ken. The materials were good and thorough. This class, because of Ken, is a great jumping off point to revitalize my career."

From Benjamin N. - Attended Developer class

"Simple, Excellent instruction; The instructor is very competent in delivering complex concepts in an extraordinarily simple manner. I would suggest this instructor anytime for this material."

From Adolph T. - Attended IT Professional class

"This was the best online class I have ever been in!"

From Jessica S. - Attended IT Professional class

"The class was excellent. I'm used to in class instruction, but this format was comparable and convenient. Thank you!"

From Scott M. - Attended IT Professional class

"The instructor was experienced, friendly, funny and easy to follow along. I would absolutely take another one of her classes. She was an excellent teacher and kept us engaged and motivated!"

From Erin K. - Attended Design-Web class

"Teriffic instructor. This is my 2nd class I've taken with her leading and I learn so well with her style of teaching! "

From Maribeth R. - Attended Design-Web class

"The instructor was great kept me interested, took the time so that everyone understood before moving on. The skill set of the class attendees was balanced, so there was no drag. I will be taking the advance class with him once I am comfortable with the fundamentals of SQL. "

From Neal A. - Attended Developer class

"Not only was the class informative but the instructor was also entertaining. As far as web based training, I found the instructor to have an enthusiastic personality which made it much easier to focus and stay on task."

From Ana A. - Attended Developer class

"Enjoyed it, and was at ease with the instructor and format of the class very quickly."

From Gary E. - Attended Developer class

"The instructor was an outstanding instructor, clear and concise as well as warm and responsive to questions and concerns. I hope to participate in other courses in the future, after I apply what I learned in this one to my work. Thanks very much."

From John C. - Attended Business Intelligence class

"The instructor was outstanding, very clear and concise, and very responsive to questions/comments. I will strongly recommend him and this course. I can't wait to get started. Thanks very much!!!"

From Mimi N. - Attended Business Intelligence class

"As a creative person, I really enjoyed Stephanie's presentation style and connected with it very well, and her progression through the steps was very logical to me for that reason."

From Dawn A. - Attended Design-Web class

"Instructor was obviously very knowledgable. He could answer everything that was thrown at him. I've been using Dreamweaver since it's first version and he still taught me a lot."

From Brandi E. - Attended Design-Web class

"I was a bit hesitant at first when approaching this level of training in an online environment. But Jeffry was not only crystal clear in his approach, his style was engaging and thought provoking. Working in the small group made it easier to have the free reign to ask questions openly without deterring the course outline. The instructor was humorous, on point with his directions and very open to apply expamples preseneted for discussion. I am very eager to enroll in future training with this organization. At the end of the day I feel like I walked away with what I had hoped to learn and much more because now I have a higher level of confidence to approach more self study. Thank you VERY Much for making SQL feel like an easy everyday task."

From Monica R. - Attended Developer class

"I really like this class! a lot of information, right pace, and the instructor takes good care of all possible questions. The instructor is very nice, and I think he did adjust the class contents according to the students' levels. "

From Nicole H. - Attended Business Intelligence class

"I think this is a very good course, which clarify some definitions that has been a problem for me for a long time, such as fixed vs. random effect. I like this online course! Thank you!"

From Meixia L. - Attended Business Intelligence class

"This class was really helpful to me it even refreshed my memory from when I took a computer class back in college. I recommend this class to anyone."

From Shamir L. - Attended Business Applications class

"I thought the class was very helpful. The instructor showed a lot of patience for what may have seemed "silly" questions. I cant wait to take my next class."

From Jennifer M. - Attended Business Applications class

"I appreciate Ali's style of instruction very much. He has a unique, engaging delivery and makes learning through this platform easy, useful and interesting--he is not dry and boring at all, is not repetitive and doesn't ramble. He is always ready to answer any question and is patient with us when we need a bit more help. Thank you."

From Dawn A. - Attended Business Applications class

"Jeffry was fantastic. Clear, methodical and extremely helpful. It was evident that he has a mastery of the software, and he was able to effectively share his knowledge in a manner that a beginner could understand."

From Benjamin M. - Attended Business Applications class

"Bill was great. Very attentive, clear, and explained things at a pace that I could follow. "

From Amanda J. - Attended Business Applications class