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Remote Instructor-led Class Format

Attend From: Your Home, Work or Our Computer Labs

Hands-on, Live Online Training with a Remote Instructor

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Certstaffix® Training live classes are instructor-led online training you attend in a local computer lab or from your home/office. Our live online instructors teach you from a remote location while being able to interact with students as in a traditional classroom setting. Instructors can view student progress and take control of their PC to provide direct assistance. Students can see the instructor's presentation as well as voice questions directly to the instructor and participate in class discussions.


Our Remote Instructor-led classes offer:

  • A real, live instructor teaching you from another location
  • Hands-on learning with the software you are being taught
  • Interaction with all students in the class at other locations
  • Any needed software for class provided in online lab environment
  • Easy assistance from the instructor:
    • To ask a question, you simply speak and all students and the instructor can hear you
    • They can see your computer screen with permission
    • They take control of your computer if you get stuck with permission

Two Ways to Attend:

1. Attend From Your Home or Work

You can attend any of our public classes from your home or work - all you need is a high-speed internet connection. We provide access to any needed software and lab environments during your class. We’ll ship you any course material about 1 week prior to your class start date. Choose Your Home/Work when submitting your registration request.

2. Attend From One of Our Computer Labs

You can also attend any of our public classes at one of our computer lab locations - you’ll get access to a fully set up learning environment for you to walk into and start class. We provide a computer and access to any needed software and lab environments. We’ll ship you any course material about 1 week prior to your class start date. Choose the State - City you wish to attend in a computer lab when submitting your registration request.

Quality Instructors

Live online instruction allows complete interaction between students & instructor.

Complete Lab Environment

Access to software required is provided in a lab environment during class.

Hands-on Learning

Most classes are not all lecture - you can learn by actually doing.

Small Classes

You get more attention from the instructor and classes flow more smoothly.

Post-Class Lab Access*

Access practice lab environment for 180 days after most classes*.

Low Cancellation Rate

Most classes run as scheduled.

*These courses do not have post-class lab environment access: Adobe, Salesforce, QuickBooks Online Edition, Google, HTML, WordPress, ITIL, Six Sigma, CompTIA, Project Management, SEO, Social Media.


Our Computer Training Lab Locations:

Not Near One of Our Computer Labs? Attend Our Classes from Your Home or Work

AL - Birmingham, AL      FL - Orlando, FL      MS - Jackson, MS      PA - Erie, PA     
AL - Huntsville, AL      FL - Tampa, FL      NC - Charlotte, NC      PA - Philadelphia, PA     
AL - Mobile, AL      FL - West Palm Beach, FL      NE - Omaha, NE      SC - Charleston, SC     
AR - Bentonville, AR      IA - Des Moines, IA      NH - Manchester, NH      TN - Knoxville, TN     
AZ - Phoenix, AZ      IL - Chicago, IL      NJ - New Jersey      TN - Memphis, TN     
CA - Los Angeles, CA      IN - Indianapolis, IN      NM - Albuquerque, NM      TN - Nashville, TN     
CA - Los Angeles, CA (East)      KY - Lexington, KY      NV - Las Vegas, NV      TX - Amarillo, TX     
CA - Sacramento, CA      KY - Louisville, KY      NY - Long Island, NY      TX - Austin, TX     
CA - San Diego, CA      LA - Baton Rouge, LA      NY - New York City, NY      TX - Dallas, TX     
CA - San Francisco, CA      LA - New Orleans, LA      NY - Rochester, NY      TX - Houston, TX     
CA - San Jose, CA      MA - Boston, MA      NY - White Plains, NY      TX - San Antonio, TX     
CT - Hartford, CT      MA - Worcester, MA      OH - Cincinnati, OH      TX - Waco, TX     
CT - Stamford, CT      MD - Baltimore, MD      OH - Cleveland, OH      UT - Salt Lake City, UT     
DE - Wilmington, DE      MD - Washington, DC      OH - Columbus, OH      VA - Fairfax, VA     
FL - Fort Lauderdale, FL      MI - Detroit, MI      OK - Oklahoma City, OK      VA - Richmond, VA     
FL - Jacksonville, FL      MI - Grand Rapids, MI      OK - Tulsa, OK      VA - Virginia Beach, VA     
FL - Miami, FL      MN - Minneapolis, MN      OR - Portland, OR      WA - Seattle, WA     
FL - Naples - Fort Myers, FL      MO - St. Louis, MO      PA - Allentown, PA      WI - Madison, WI     

Frequenty Asked Questions

If you are attending class at one of Certstaffix® Training labs, please check out the most frequent questions from students:


  • What if I have a question?

    You simply voice your question. Speaker phones and a phone bridge connect the class attendees with the instructor. You can interact with the instructor, students attending from other locations and participate in class discussions.

  • How many students are in a class?

    We limit most classes to 10 students total. This help keep you class small to allow for lots of personal attention from your instructor.


  • What happens if I get stuck during a hands-on exercise?

    Just ask for help. The instructor is able to see your computer screen and can take over control of it to provide you with individualized attention and help.


  • Will there be other students in the room with me?

    Each Certstaffix® Training location has a set number of classrooms. Rooms typically hold 1-4 students. Students in different classes will not be put in the same classroom. If no one else registers for the exact same course title, date and location as you, then you will be the only student in that classroom.


  • Will someone be at the site?

    Local staff will greet you and direct you to your classroom. From that point on your instructor takes over.


  • What if I can't communicate with the instructor?

    Our phone supportline is posted in each classroom. Just like our instructor, our staff can take over control of a student's computer to provide direct assistance.


  • Do I need to bring anything with me to class?

    Our classrooms are outfitted with computers, hands-free phone and internet access you'll be using for class and the local receptionist will give you your training materials. If you want to take notes during training then you may want to bring pen and paper, or go green by using your own laptop.


  • Can I attend class from my home or office?

    Yes. To do so you will need at minimum a computer with a high-speed internet, speaker/hands-free phone with unlimited long-distance and no firewall. We provide you access to any needed software and lab environments during class. We will ship you any courseware about 1 week prior to your class start.

  • Will I need to install software?

    No. We provide access to a web hosted lab environment during class that contains all the software you need for class. If you attend from home or your office, you will need a computer with high speed internet, speakers and a microphone for the voice over IP class audio.


  • Are there class materials?

    Most classes include course manuals. Any manual provided is yours to keep when you complete the class. Training materials are shipped directly to you about 1 week prior to class start. You should receive your materials at the address designated on the registration form a couple of days before class.


  • Are there breaks during class?

    Yes. There’s typically one short break in the morning and one in the afternoon to allow students to use restrooms, get a drink and so on. There is also a lunch break of 30-60 minutes. The duration for all breaks depends upon how well the class is progressing through the material.


  • Is there a dress code?

    Business casual dress code.


  • Do you provide lunch?

    No, but you're welcome to bring food with you or visit nearby dining options.


  • What about parking or mass transit?

    If you are attending a remote instructor-led class at a Certstaffix® Training classroom, we generally have picked suburban locations that include free parking. You can contact us to find out for a specific location what parking options are available.


  • Will I receive a certificate after the class?

    Yes. Once your full attendance for the class has been confirmed, a certificate of completion will be sent to you via email (.pdf format).


  • Which classes are offered where?

    We offer all of our classes remote instructor-led from you home or office. For classroom locations where you can attend our courses, they are indicated on our category schedules pages here by city name - Any schedule list where a city name is listed next to the class title indicated you can attend this class in person in that city. Just click the city name to see the exact training classroom address.


  • When do you hold classes?

    Classes are held WEEKDAYS (excluding major holidays). Remote instructor-led classes run from:

    10:00 am - 5:00 pm (Eastern Time)
    9:00 am - 4:00 pm (Central Time)
    8:00 am - 3:00 pm (Mountain Time)
    7:00 am - 2:00 pm (Pacific Time)

    All of our classes are listed with Eastern Time Zone times, so please adjust to your time zone when planning your attendance.

  • How are your classes different from a web seminar?

    In a web seminar, you typically just listen and watch an instructor presentation. You have no hands-on component. In many web seminars, you can't ask questions except for typing chat messages.

    In our remote instructor-led classes you have hands-on access to the software you are learning and can ask questions freely and participate in class discussions via hands-free phone. You'll also be able to hear questions posed by other students regardless of their location.


    Still have questions? Please call us at 888-330-8690 or contact us via email. We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.