Salesforce Training Options: What Does This Program Do, and How Do You Get Certified?

Salesforce is a popular software solution used by many businesses. But what is Salesforce? If you’re asking this question, you’re not alone. Thousands of job-seekers and even professional Salesforce users can find themselves overwhelmed when learning about Salesforce’s nearly limitless applications in the workplace. Thankfully, a bit of education can make it all clearer.


What Does Salesforce Do?

Salesforce is an invaluable platform that focuses on customer relationship management (CRM). Its intuitive interface provides a user-friendly way to manage marketing, service, sales, and other business functions.

What Is Salesforce Training?

Salesforce training can include professional classes, on-the-job training, and self-guided learning. Since Salesforce has a reputation for being complex, many employees choose formal training to learn the basic features and functions. Our instructor-led courses are taught by professionals who make it easy to understand the nuances of the platform and offer hands-on learning for both Salesforce novices and seasoned veterans. Instead of nudging your coworker and asking for Salesforce help, consider taking one of our training courses to build your knowledge and hone your existing skills with this platform. Salesforce training courses can also help to prepare employees for certification exams.

How Long Does it Take to Learn Salesforce?

It depends on which specific skills you want to master, but most users will be able to learn what they need to know in one to five days with Certstaffix Training courses.

  • You can learn Salesforce basics in just one day with our classes for sales representatives.
  • Looking to prep for a certification exam? We offer three-day Salesforce training courses that can help you earn these valuable credentials.
  • Get in-depth preparation to become a Salesforce administrator and earn certification in this area with our five-day admin classes.

You can also enroll in courses that demystify your particular version of Salesforce, whether it’s Classic or Lightning; teach you how to work with dashboards and build reports; show you how Salesforce can be useful to marketers, and help you become a power user.

How Do I Become Salesforce-Certified?

To get certified in Salesforce, start by determining which type of certification you want; there are dozens of specializations, each with its own exam. Then, focus on gaining the skills you’ll need, both through hands-on training courses that teach you how to use Salesforce and by gaining experience in a professional environment. Many users find that they need months of practice before they take the test, but we can help you speed up the learning process with our Certified Sales Cloud Consultant and Certified Service Cloud Consultant training courses.

When you’re ready to become certified, you’ll have to visit the official Salesforce website and schedule an exam. These exams can be taken locally at a testing center or online. Those who want to earn administrator Salesforce certifications should be advised that these exams can be the most lengthy and intensive.

Salesforce certification is a great investment: With more jobs requiring Salesforce knowledge and an average pay bump of about $20,000 as a benefit of becoming certified, seeking certification can be a natural step for many employees. Those who are interested in obtaining Salesforce certifications can inquire with their employers to find out if they would be willing to offset the costs: Many business owners offer to pay the certification fees, as the skills learned can increase a company’s profits. Certification can also be an investment in long and lucrative careers for employees since Salesforce keeps a database of certifications and future employers can easily verify credentials.

Salesforce Classes:

Course Title Length
Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant 3 days
Salesforce Certified Service Cloud Consultant 3 days
Salesforce for Marketing (Classic) 1 day
Salesforce for Marketing (Lightning) 1 day
Salesforce for Reports & Dashboards (Classic) 1 day
Salesforce for Reports & Dashboards (Lightning) 1 day
Salesforce Lightning Experience 3 days
Salesforce Power User for Sales 1 day for Sales Representatives (Classic) 1 day for Sales Representatives (Lightning) 1 day Administrator (Classic) 5 days Administrator (Lightning) 5 days

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