Learn Advanced Excel: Topics, Tips, and Training

Advanced Excel skills are highly valued attributes that hiring managers look for in job candidates and business owners appreciate in employees. Analyzing, organizing, and managing data with complex solutions can keep a company’s financials accurate and on track toward making profits. Simply reading up on advanced Excel tips, however, will not transform you into a skilled professional in your industry. If you want to stand out as a true Excel master, you’ll want to invest in advanced Excel classes online and learn from a live instructor.


What Is Advanced Excel?

People who use the phrase “advanced Excel” in a small-business or corporate office setting are referring to a skill level rather than a piece of software. There’s only one version of Excel, and it can perform both basic and advanced functions. Employees who learn advanced Excel skills position themselves as professional task-masters and calculation wizards.

What Are Advanced Excel Skills?

Employees are considered to have advanced Excel skills when they can use Excel to organize, analyze, or program large quantities of complex data. These individuals are often referred to as Excel specialists or experts and can have professional positions such as accountants, bookkeepers, or project managers. Excel experts have a large well of knowledge from which to draw, and they can easily use many of Excel’s advanced functions and features, including but not limited to:

  • Advanced charting
  • Conditional formatting
  • Dashboards
  • PivotTables
  • Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) and macros
  • Quick analysis

In addition, one is considered to have advanced Excel skills when they’re able to apply both basic and custom Excel formulas to data in any complex situation that arises.

What Should I Learn in Advanced Excel Classes?

The advanced Excel skills that you should learn will largely depend on your job and the duties and responsibilities that it entails. Although Excel specialists are capable of working with the most advanced features of the software, not every professional position requires extensive knowledge of the program. For example, while accountants may think that VBA is useful for their work, bookkeepers may find it to be too complicated for their particular tasks. Research which advanced Excel skills people in senior positions in your industry possess, and sign up for the best advanced Excel training online by taking classes that cover those topics.

How to Learn Advanced Excel Online

If you’re looking for advanced Excel classes online, you’ll likely have many options from which to choose, but the perfect course should complement your current skill level and focus on the specific areas in Excel that you’d like to improve. At Certstaffix Training, we’ve made it our mission to develop the best advanced Excel training online. You can sign up for an advanced Excel course online based on your skill level or choose classes focused on specific advanced Excel topics. No matter which option you choose, every one of our courses is taught by a live instructor so that you can get the in-depth training that you need to achieve more in the workplace. Sign up today to grow your skill set with us.

Microsoft Excel Classes:

Course Title Length
Excel: Dashboards 1 days
Excel: Data Analysis with PivotTables 0.5 days
Excel: VBA Programming 3 days
Excel 2016/2019 – Level 1 1 days
Excel 2016/2019 – Level 2 1 days
Excel 2016/2019 – Level 3 1 days
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