How to Learn Excel Online Fast

Every day, countless employees find that one of the best ways to make their work lives easier and pocketbooks fatter is to learn Microsoft Excel. Whether you work for a corporate entity or a small business or are a creative freelancer, Excel provides all of the digital tools necessary to organize, manage, and analyze large amounts of data. Moreover, if you learn Excel fast, you can almost instantly transform the way you work with data, making you more productive and increasing your value as an employee.


What Are the Benefits of Learning Excel?

The advantages of learning Excel are numerous, and you can reap them every time that you open an Excel spreadsheet. When you understand how to operate the built-in features and functions of this program, with the touch of a button, you can:

  • Organize large quantities of data
  • Perform complex calculations
  • Create graphs and charts
  • Precisely analyze data, including accurate forecasting

There are also a number of professional benefits to mastering Excel that extend far beyond the office of your current job. If you learn Excel, online or offline, you can:

  • Boost your résumé’s appeal to future employers
  • Make yourself an indispensable part of a workforce
  • Easily transition to a financial or data-centric profession
  • Potentially increase your salary

Is Excel Hard to Learn?

The short answer is that Excel’s learning curve hinges on your familiarity with the program and your comfort level with working with numbers. For someone who is completely new to working with the software, Excel might prove to be a bit difficult to learn at first. Conversely, someone who has grasped the fundamentals may find absorbing advanced concepts, like VBA programming and dashboards, to be easy. Generally speaking, if you enjoy math or working with numbers, you might learn how to use Excel at a faster pace than others.

How Many Days Are Needed to Learn Excel?

The amount of time needed to learn Excel online can depend on the course that you take and the amount of time that you’re willing to commit to studying. At Certstaffix Training, for example, we’ve created several online and on-site courses that can teach you Excel concepts in as little as half a day. For ultimate flexibility, we offer self-paced classes that students can access for as long as six months after purchase.

Where Can I Go to Learn Excel?

You can learn MS Excel at a number of online and offline sites, including libraries, adult learning centers, and workforce training organizations. Our live classes can be taken at your office, at home, or in one of our computer labs, so you can get the skills you need just about anywhere. Our Excel courses are taught by a live instructor who can make sure that you understand the concepts covered as you work through the class.

How to Learn Excel Fast

To learn Microsoft Excel as quickly as possible, you’ll want to focus on the skills you need by choosing a training option suited to your skill level. For some, a beginner course will be the best way to learn about Excel formulas and functions, determine which are commonly used in the program, and recognize and memorize them and their shortcuts. For those with more advanced knowledge of Excel, a Level 2 or Level 3 course focusing on more advanced concepts like PivotTables and macros will allow you to skip material you already know and save time.

Microsoft Excel Classes:

Course Title Length
Excel: Dashboards 1 day
Excel: Data Analysis with PivotTables 0.5 days
Excel: VBA Programming 3 days
Excel 2016/2019 – Level 1 1 day
Excel 2016/2019 – Level 2 1 day
Excel 2016/2019 – Level 3 1 day
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