How Can I Learn Microsoft SharePoint Online?

Microsoft SharePoint is becoming more popular in commercial offices, and increasing digital workplace collaboration has made it an essential platform across many industries. As the need for quickly sharing documents, information, and records grows, the value of an employee’s SharePoint skills will also rise. By enrolling in SharePoint training classes, workers can get the skills they need to help themselves and their employers to succeed.


Microsoft SharePoint Training for Beginners

Those who are new to Microsoft SharePoint can often easily locate training for beginners, although these resources can vary greatly in quality. If you’re a novice, several free and paid resources can introduce you to the basics of the platform, ranging from amateur tutorial videos to pricey college courses. When seeking out training, it’s important to consider your existing skill level as well as your career goals. You’ll also need to determine whether you’ll be working with the standalone SharePoint platform or the version offered in Microsoft 365.

Why Choose SharePoint E-Learning?

SharePoint e-learning offers several benefits, including flexibility and convenient access to training resources. Our e-learning courses offer many of the same advantages as our live classes, like high-quality training materials and the ability to study from anywhere, while also allowing you to learn on your own schedule and at your own pace.

Then again, you may prefer to study at a set time with a live instructor who can give you real-time feedback. At Certstaffix Training, we offer hands-on SharePoint classes that you can take remotely or at one of our computer labs. You can even have one of our instructors come to your workplace for group instruction, a great option if you don’t want to have to send employees to a third-party location or set up a training space at the office.

Learning SharePoint Administration

SharePoint administrators are expected to have specialized knowledge of SharePoint; at a minimum, they should know how to create sites, set up and update accounts, oversee document libraries, manage servers, maintain backups, assist employees, and solve SharePoint-related problems. In addition, administrators may need a host of skills related to other disciplines, such as information security, networking, programming, and Web development. Knowledge of any integrated Microsoft products can also be highly useful. Employees should be advised that it can take years of experience to build the skill set required to successfully take on administrative duties.

Since SharePoint administration can be a challenging role that requires the mastery of advanced concepts, it can be more difficult to find administration classes online. In most cases, you’ll have to seek out advanced training or certification pathways. Additionally, since some corporate environments can require specific tasks and responsibilities from their SharePoint administrators, it can be prudent for potential administrators to learn what is expected of them by their companies and then focus on obtaining training that will support those skills.

How Can I Learn SharePoint at Home?

Learning SharePoint at home can be as simple as finding a reputable software training company, signing up for classes, and committing to do the work. A convenient aspect of learning SharePoint at home with Certstaffix Training is that you can sign up for either live or self-paced courses. These at-home training solutions can be just as good as or even better than their in-person counterparts, depending on a student’s particular needs. But no matter which learning environment works best for you, we can help you get the SharePoint skills you need to get ahead.

Microsoft Project Classes:

Course Title Length
SharePoint for End Users  2 days
Business Intelligence in Microsoft SharePoint 2013  5 days
Core Solutions of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 (70-331)  5 days
eLearning Bundle – SharePoint 2013 End-User eLearning Bundle
eLearning Bundle – SharePoint 2016/365 End-User eLearning Bundle
eLearning Bundle – SharePoint Technical eLearning Bundle

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