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PHP Programming with MySQL 5 day(s)Online or Onsite
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eLearning Bundle - PHP Programming1 course(s)
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Instructor-led Courses:

Length: 5 day(s)      Public Class Price: $2850/person (USD)      Group Class Price: Request Quote

PHP and MySQL (or its fork, MariaDB) are two of today’s most popular, open-source tools for server-side web programming. And with this course, you’ll learn right from the start how to use them together, the way the pros do. 

If interested in attending this training...

You should know at least the basics of HTML and have done some programming in a modern programming language before but have not necessarily programmed for the web or used a relational database.  If you are beginning programmer, you should still find this training useful, but digesting it might take a little longer.

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Self-Paced Courses:

Prefer a self-paced learning solution to fit your own schedule? Certstaffix® Training offers eLearning courses bundled together:

  • Learn at your own pace - Start and stop as it is convenient for you. Pick up where you left off.
  • Lecture utilizing video and recorded screen shots
  • Desktop Software Courses: We provide lab environment with the software you are learning, no need to have the software on your computer
  • 6 month subscription length

Length: 1 Course(s)      Price: $450/person (USD)      Access Length: 6 Months
In this PHP training course, students will learn to create database-driven websites using PHP and MySQL.
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Web Design

In Our Hands-on PHP Programming Courses, Learn About:
Arrays Date and Time Debugging and Logging Error and Exception Handling File System and the Server Images Internationalization and Localization JavaScript MySQL Network and Protocol Functions Object-Oriented PHP Personalization Regular Expressions Session Control String Manipulation User Authentication Writing Functions and more...

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Learn PHP Programming from a live instructor so you can ask questions & interact with peers.

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Access to all software required is provided in a lab environment during public classes.

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Learn PHP Programming hands on live online - you learn by actually doing.

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PHP Training PHP Programming Course Reviews by Certstaffix® Training

Researching PHP Programming training options? Need PHP Programming reviews to find a quality training provider?

Certstaffix® Training provides PHP Programming classes. Both the price of PHP Programming courses and the quality of a training provider are important aspects to be considered when choosing to purchase PHP Programming training.

Certstaffix® Training collects detailed PHP Programming class reviews via a formal post-class evaluation in all our training sessions. Below are a sample of abbreviated reviews from real students from our past PHP Programming courses. If you would like more reviews or ones with even further detail, please contact us and we would be happy to show you the high quality of our training services.

Used on millions of websites and servers today, PHP is a server-side scripting language designed for web development but also used as a general-purpose programming language. With the right sequence of PHP training courses, you can learn the programming skills needed to make the most of PHP on the job market and for private use. We offer world-class training for PHP Programming with MySQL. All classes are delivered by one of our Experienced and Certified Trainers. Whether you're new to PHP Programming or an advanced user, our training will cover all you need to know to become a PHP power user.

Are you looking for PHP for beginners or advanced users? Certstaffix Training is proud to offer online PHP Programming courses with a personal touch. From hands-on, instructor-led live online PHP Programming training for individual employees to private online or on-site group training, we provide the best option for your company. Our online PHP Programming classes are task-based and focus on real-world scenarios and challenges students face in their day to day environments. The online PHP Training that we offer is a great way to quickly build upon the necessary skills within the privacy of your own home or office. If you are looking for local PHP Programming courses, you can check one of our many computer labs around the United States. Each computer class we offer provides the training a person will need to understand and use the program.

Available PHP Programming Training Courses:

Course Title# Day(s)Public Class Price (U.S. Dollars)Group Class Price
Course Desciption
PHP Programming with MySQL 5$2850 (USD) per studentRequest a Quote
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Certstaffix® Class Reviews

Student Average:
4.70 out of 5 from 11 students

4.72 out of 5

The virtual classroom environment went better than I thought it would. It worked pretty well.

- attended our PHP Programming with MySQL class

5.00 out of 5

John was amazing!!! One of the best teachers yet!!!

- attended our PHP Programming with MySQL class

4.94 out of 5

John Hand was a great instructor. He made the material presented interesting and there was great interaction with the students. He was knowledgeable about the material, and ensured we understood what he was teaching by using real life comparisons and explanations. He gave us sufficient time to do the labs and assisted us where necessary.

- attended our PHP Programming with MySQL class

4.65 out of 5

Candyce was great, easy to understand, and very informative. Thanks Candyce for a fun week!

- attended our PHP Programming with MySQL class

5.00 out of 5

- attended our PHP Programming with MySQL class

4.83 out of 5

- attended our PHP Programming with MySQL class

4.00 out of 5

- attended our PHP Programming with MySQL class

4.78 out of 5

- attended our PHP Programming with MySQL class

4.61 out of 5

- attended our PHP Programming with MySQL class

4.39 out of 5

- attended our PHP Programming with MySQL class

4.82 out of 5

- attended our PHP Programming with MySQL class

Please contact us if we do not yet have any reviews, you would like more reviews or you wish to submit a review.

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PHP classes Bridgewater, NJ       PHP classes Laurel, MD       PHP classes San Antonio, TX      
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