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Oracle Toad - 2 day(s)
This course is packed with step-by-step lectues and hands-on exercises, and brings together everything developers and DB...... View Course Outline ➥
Oracle 12c SQL & PL/SQL - 5 day(s)
This 5-day course teaches how to access Oracle 12c databases through SQL statements and construct PL/SQL programs. Oracl...... View Course Outline ➥
Oracle 12c New Features - 3 day(s)
This 3-day course shows the myriad new and enhanced capabilities available in the latest Oracle Database release. You'll...... View Course Outline ➥
Oracle 12c Database Administration - 5 day(s)
This 5-day course covers the new features and utilities, including the multitenant architecture, Oracle Database In-Memo...... View Course Outline ➥
Oracle 11g SQL & PL/SQL - 5 day(s)
Learn to access Oracle databases through SQL statements and construct PL/SQL programs. This course explains how to retri...... View Course Outline ➥
Oracle 11g Database Administration - 5 day(s)
Learn how to manage a flexible, highly available Oracle 11g database in this course. This course shows how to perform a ...... View Course Outline ➥

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Many of the Oracle course classes are offered online, making them easy to take by those who have a busy schedule at work or at home. Private lessons can be given to businesses that want their employees to learn more about some of the concepts of Oracle. There are lectures given about the various dynamics of the course and hands-on exercises to make learning easier. The TOAD setup is given special attention during some of the classes. Students will also learn about databases and how to check the health of a database. Another class goes over information that deals with writing SQL statements, how to edit and retrieve them and how to modify the database information.

There are classes about the Oracle Database 12c system. Current information as well as upgrades that can be made to the system are discussed. The Data Guard aspects are introduced, such as the improvements that can be made to the system and how to manage the system. Advanced business capabilities that utilize Oracle are detailed. Database administration is gone over in some of the classes. Students will learn how to configure hardware and software while tuning some of the performance options. Some of the classes are on a higher level and should be taken after the basic classes are offered.

Some Companies in Virginia We've Trained:

As a corporate training provider, Certified Staffing Solutions has trained many companies in Winchester and the state of Virginia. A few local companies we have worked with are listed below. Feel free to contact us for training references.

  » Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, VA

  » FEMA Grant Programs Directorate in Winchester, VA

  » Deborah Sears in Woodbridge, VA

  » Frederick County Sanitation Authority in Winchester, VA

  » DHS/FEMA in Winchester, VA

  » Prince William County Service Authority in Woodbridge, VA

  » Federal Emergency Management Agency in Winchester, VA

  » Rubbermaid in Winchester, VA

  » FEMA Finance Center in Winchester, VA

  » The Furniture Doctor in Winchester, VA