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Our instructor-led classes for businesses in the Dallas, TX area take place at:

Dallas, TX Training Center
3010 LBJ Freeway, Suite 1200
Dallas, TX 75234

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CISSP Certification Course Descriptions:

CISSP: Certified Information Systems Security Professional - 5 day(s)
Security professionals consider the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) to be the most desired c...... View Course Outline ➥

Enrollment into our public classes may require your tuition
be paid by your employer only, depending on your location - Learn More

Employees should consistently strive to improve their general technical knowledge and improve their marketability to employers. By possessing specialized knowledge in network and business security, employers can maintain the security if not only employees' data, but also sensitive client information. Obtaining CISSP Certification training will allow employees to improve just about every aspect of their prospective and current employers' data security and make it easier for employers to maintain control of the data that flows throughout their organization. Certstaffix Training provides an extensive selection of computer courses that are offered in a live online classroom that are taught by live instructors. Certstaffix Training also has the capability of sending a qualified instructor to your business office and conduct the classes there when there are multiple students in need of obtaining the certification.

Students who enroll in this training course will work through task-based assignments to accomplish their CISSP Certification training. While studying to obtain this certification, students will utilize real life scenarios to learn how to maintain access control, control the architecture of the network, maintain communications and prevent attacks on the network, govern security regulations, and provide management over employees. Also, students gain an applicable understanding of software security, vicious attacks on business codes and application, algorithms, security foundations and the weaknesses that threatens system security. By the end of this course, students will gain the knowledge, skills and competence to take manage infiltration occurrences, progression of business planning, catastrophic recuperation preparedness, and understand legislation regarding the ethical and material security prerequisites.

Certstaffix Training' computer courses provide the advanced knowledge that is necessary for students to obtain their CISSP Certification with ease and confidence. Contact Certstaffix Training and inquire about the CISSP Certification training today.

Some Companies in Texas We've Trained:

As a corporate training provider, Certstaffix Training has trained many companies in Dallas and the state of Texas. A few local companies we have worked with are listed below. Feel free to contact us for training references.

  » 1st Global in Dallas, TX

  » Lane Gorman Trubitt, PLLC in Dallas, TX

  » ABOTA in Dallas, TX

  » Liquid Energy in Diana, TX

  » All American Smile in Dallas, TX

  » Mended Hearts in Dallas, TX

  » American Airlines (Dallas) in Dallas, TX

  » Neal Construction in Dayton, TX

  » American Heart Association in Dallas, TX

  » North Texas Food Bank in Dallas, TX

  » Anthony Scott in Denton, TX

  » Occidental Petroleum Corporation in Dallas, TX

  » Army & Air Force Exchange Service in Dallas, TX

  » Parkland Hospital in Dallas, TX

  » Atmos Energy Corp in Dallas, TX

  » Rave Motion Pictures in Dallas, TX

  » CMS in Dallas, TX

  » Results Staffing Inc in Dallas, TX

  » Cobb Martinez Woodward in Dallas, TX

  » Riverstone Residential Group in Dallas, TX

  » Company Cafe in Dallas, TX

  » Rockpoint Group, LLC in Dallas, TX

  » Dallas Fort Worth Airport in DFW Airport, TX

  » Russell C. Brown, P.C. in Dallas, TX

  » DFW Int'l Airport in DFW Airport, TX

  » Salesmanship Club of Dallas in Dallas, TX

  » Digital Realty Trust in Dallas, TX

  » Southwest Airlines 2 in Dallas, TX

  » E Smith Realty Partners in Dallas, TX

  » Southwest Funding in Dallas, TX

  » Fannie Mae - TX in Dallas, TX

  » The Cooper Institute in Dallas, TX

  » GAF in Dallas, TX

  » The Westin Galleria Dallas in Dallas, TX

  » Gehan Homes in Dallas, TX

  » in Dallas, TX

  » Hawkeye in Dallas, TX

  » UEB Builders in Dallas, TX

  » Highland Capital Management in Dallas, TX

  » United Way of Metropolitan Dallas in Dallas, TX

  » HMS in Dallas, TX

  » UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, TX

  » Improv Comedy Club in Dallas, TX

  » Wilson Contractor Services in Denton, TX

  » Labinal in Denton, TX

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Corporate CISSP Certification Classes Near Dallas, TX

2 Public Class Formats for Companies & Organizations:

Our training classes are offered to businesses and organizations sending their employees for training in two ways:

Live Online: A live remote instructor teaches you from your location - Learn More

Computer Lab: A live remote instructor teaches you from one of our local computer lab locations - Learn More

Enrollment into our public classes may require your tuition
be paid by your employer only, depending on your location - Learn More

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Course Title# Day(s)Public Class PriceGroup Onsite Class Price
CISSP: Certified Information Systems Security Professional5$3,000 per studentRequest a Quote


We often get asked about discounts for multiple students or non-profit/government rates. Please contact us to see if we can offer you any discounted pricing based on your specific situation.

Financing/Payment Plans

Certstaffix Training is a corporate focused training company. While we may allow individuals to attend our classes, depending on their location, we do not offer any type of financing or payment plans. Payment terms are net 15 from registration request or prior to class start.

 Group Training

Have a group of several students needing the same training? Then onsite training is a perfect option for you. We'll come onsite to your office so you don't have to travel. You'll be able to fully customize courses & topics to your needs. Lastly, you'll save a large amount versus our individual courses.

How Onsite Training Works

  • An expert Instructor will come to your office and personally train the students
  • Course can be fully customized to your training needs
  • Each student receives a Course Manual with Practice Files (Materials provided before the class date)
  • Course is scheduled based on dates you provide (Subject to instructor availability)
  • We usually require about 4 weeks lead time to arrange a training session
  • Training is completed in a convenient session(s) of your choosing
  • Two 15 minute breaks and one hour long break for lunch daily

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