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Adobe Flash CS6 - 3 day(s)
This 3 day course covers the key techniques for working in Flash CS6. Students learn what they need to know to create en...... View Course Outline ➥
Adobe Flash CC - 3 day(s)
This 3 day course covers the key techniques for working in Flash CC. Students learn what they need to know to create eng...... View Course Outline ➥

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In today's modern age of technology, there are many computer skills that professionals should have at least basic knowledge of. Not having the knowledge of how to operate different computer programs can limit employee's potential for advancement and growth in their position within a organizations. It is important to gain continuous education to remain updated on the the functions and techniques of computer programs such as Adobe Flash. Certified Staffing Solutions offers a wide variety of computer courses that can be taken live and online and are taught by a live instructor. If you have a group of students that need to take the course, Certified Staffing Solutions can send an instructor to your business office and hold the classes there.

Students can choose to enroll in this 3-day course to learn the key techniques for working with Adobe Flash. In addition to learning the crucial techniques, students also learn how to work with graphics, how to create and edit symbols , how to add animation, and articulate motions and morphings. Also, students learn how to use text, how to work with sound and video, and load and control flash content. By the end of this course, students will have learned all the skills necessary and be able competently publish flash documents.

Computer courses offer the advanced education that is needed for students to maintain an competitive edge and deliver quality Adobe Flash documents that contains all the customized graphics, text, animations and flash content that employers need within their business. Contact Certified Staffing Solutions and inquire about the Adobe flash courses today

Some Companies in Texas We've Trained:

As a corporate training provider, Certified Staffing Solutions has trained many companies in El Paso and the state of Texas. A few local companies we have worked with are listed below. Feel free to contact us for training references.

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  » El Paso Community College in El Paso, TX

  » Texas Department of Public Safety in El Paso, TX

  » Fred Loya Insurance in El Paso, TX

  » The University of Texas-Pan American in Edinburg, TX

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