Ruby Association Certification Training Courses

Certstaffix® Training offers courses that prepare students to take corresponding Ruby Association certification exams. While we do not offer testing or vouchers, we offer the corresponding certification training, along with free retakes for up to 6 months after any of our public classes.

Ruby Association Certification Training Classes:

Vendor/Organization Certification NameDescriptionCertificatoin Details
Ruby AssociationCertified Ruby Programmer Gold v. 2.1This is a certification of a deeper understanding of the topics covered under Silver certification (syntax, object oriented programming, embedded libraries, operating environments, etc.) in addition to knowledge of the standard Ruby libraries and kno...
Ruby AssociationCertified Ruby Programmer Silver v. 2.1This is a basic skill-level certification of the knowledge on the background, grammar, classes, objects, and standard libraries of Ruby. The logo below identifies people who are certified.

The Ruby Association Certified Ruby Programmer examina...