Zend Certification Training Courses

Certstaffix® Training offers courses that prepare students to take corresponding Zend certification exams. While we do not offer testing or vouchers, we offer the corresponding certification training, along with free retakes for up to 6 months after any of our public classes. Our certification pages explain how to prepare with our training courses to achieve a certification and then where to purchase a voucher and schedule the exam.

Zend Certification Training Classes:

Vendor/Organization Certification NameDescriptionCertification Details
ZendZend Certified PHP EngineerThe Rogue Wave Zend Certified PHP Engineer is an industry-wide standard that recognizes PHP expertise and is a measure of distinction that employers use to evaluate prospective employees. Join the thousands of PHP professionals who have received offi...
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Zend PHP Certification Training Courses

IT professionals can earn a variety of credentials, but in the realm of PHP programming, none offer the cachet of Zend’s certification. Zend PHP certification proves that you have mastered the skills necessary to wield this essential programming language, either on its own or as part of the Zend Framework. With either type of certification, you’ll demonstrate advanced knowledge that’s invaluable in the technological marketplace, and with Certstaffix Training’s Zend PHP certification training courses, you’re sure to be prepared for your exam.

Convenient Zend PHP Training Options

Our students can get the Zend certification training they need anywhere: Our remote e-learning courses allow for at-home or at-work study, so you can choose a location that works best for you. But completing Zend PHP training requires focus and attention, and not all professionals have home or office environments suitable for learning, which is why we also offer our courses at computer labs nationwide. These study spaces are specifically designed to eliminate distractions.

Corporate professional development initiatives often take advantage of our on-site group training options. With this option, instructor-led Zend PHP certification training takes place in the office, directly under a business’s control, where their employees can learn and develop their skills as a team. If your company has a group of people who all need the same training, bringing an instructor to your workplace can be a smart choice.

Why Choose Our Zend Certification Training?

Whether you opt for a group setting or independent study, with our courses, you’ll have access to much more than just lectures or a study guide. Our Zend online training options are taught by live instructors and focused on hands-on learning. Under the watchful eye of your teacher, you’ll learn the skills you need as efficiently as possible, working through exercises and absorbing the material quickly and painlessly. Once you’re finished with your Zend PHP training course, you’ll be well-prepared for the exam, but if you’re feeling a little nervous, don’t worry: We also offer free retakes within six months of your class in case you need a refresher.

Sign up for a Zend training course with Certstaffix Training today and see how easy it can be to earn the certification you need to get ahead!