Staffing Solutions - Resources for Human Resource Professionals

Written by Jonathan O'Brien

In nearly any business that employs workers, it is necessary to have some form of human resource management on hand. Human resource management is the administrative function of a business that manages the hiring, training and other needs of employees within the company. This is important in order to retain suitable staff members that will keep the company running efficiently and effectively. It is the job of human resource personnel to train employees, manage any employee issues that may arise, arrange benefits, evaluate performances, provide incentives, and to generally meet the needs of the workers. It is through the efforts of human resource management that the needs of both the company and the employees are satisfied.

Hiring Employees

  • Recruitment and Selection of Employees - Discusses how to properly recruit and select employees. Includes the main sources of recruitment, who should conduct interviews and how they should be conducted.
  • How to Conduct A Job Interview - A PDF by the New York State Department of Civil Service regarding how to conduct a job interview. Includes how to plan the interview, questions to ask and to avoid, conducting the interview and what to do post interview.
  • Obstacles to Effective Interviewing - Buffalo State College Human Resources Management guide on common mistakes that are made during the interview process. This page describes these mistakes and how they impact the interview.
  • Common Interview Questions - A website that provides human resource professionals with common interview questions. It includes questions that are specific to a variety of job types.
  • Planning Staff Needs - The Columbia University HR Manager Toolkit page that discusses how to properly plan to fill an employment vacancy. This page includes planning tips and questions to consider regarding the open position.


  • Effective Workplace Training - The California Department of Industrial Relations guide for employee training. It addresses safe work habits, increasing employee morale, teamwork, and how to increase productivity.
  • Employee Handbooks - The United States Small Business Association's small business web page devoted to the creation of employee handbooks. This resource contains advice on compensation, anti-discrimination policies, standards of conduct, and work schedules.
  • American Society for Training & Development (ASTD) - The ASTD is an organization that focuses on workplace training and skills development. Their website contains information about public policy issues, ethics, how to maintain a competitive advantage, and training employees to develop environmentally friendly business practices.
  • Safety Training Tips - The University of California at Davis's informational guide about workplace safety. Visitors can find tips on how to comply with the California Occupational Health and Safety Administration (Cal/OSHA)'s guidelines regarding safety training.


  • Human Resource Management: Employee Compensation Guide - An instructional PDF document regarding employee compensation, maintained by the University of Minnesota. Subjects include types of compensation packages, employee perspectives on compensation, job evaluations and fair wages.
  • Pay Period and Types of Pay - Information on what types of pay periods and types of pay are typically used in a workplace. This resource discusses issues like overtime pay and which tax forms a worker should use.
  • Creative Compensation - Another look at employee compensation. This page discusses alternative types of compensation and how they reflect on the employer. It also talks about incentive pay, bonuses, and stock options.
  • Work Hours: Overtime - The United States Department of Labor's web page for Federal overtime laws. Contains information about the Fair Labor Standards Act and its requirements concerning overtime pay, as well as exemptions.
  • Payroll Taxes - A web page explaining the nature of payroll taxes. This resource addresses Social Security and Medicare (FICA) withholdings, as well as when employers must match employee contributions.


  • Types of Employee Benefits - A PDF listing of the typical benefit structures used in the workplace to compensate employees for their work. This resource discusses types of compensation that go beyond the employee's paycheck.
  • The Employee Benefit Research Institute - A group dedicated to research involving employee benefits. This organization collects and provides information about employee benefits, including trends, reports and analysis.
  • Employer Health Benefits 2011 Annual Survey - The Kaiser Family Foundation's annual report on employer-provided health coverage. Visitors can find information about trends, as well as information about women's health, HIV/AIDS and Medicare/Medicaid.
  • Top Employee Benefits - Money-Zine's list of benefits that employees place the most value on. This page contains an overview of benefits, as well as mandated benefits, optional packages, and statistics.
  • The International Foundation for Employee Benefit Plans - An independent, nonprofit foundation that focuses on educating the public about employee benefit plans. Features information on the latest legislative actions, networking and online learning courses.

Job Evaluation

  • Performance Management - The United States Office of Personnel Management educational resource concerning employee performance management, or job evaluations. Readers can find information on effective job evaluation techniques and the various steps involved.
  • Managing Performance - Columbia University's employee evaluation guide. Contains Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's), and a look into the university's performance evaluation methods.
  • Job Evaluation Process - Case Western Reserve University (CWRU)'s employee evaluation process website. Provides information on how employees are rated according to CWRU's standards.
  • Legal Guidelines for Associations for Conducting Employee Evaluations and Performance Appraisals - An article that addresses the legal issues surrounding employee evaluations. This web page discusses how to conduct job evaluations in a way that minimizes an organization's exposure to legal problems.
  • Ditch Performance Reviews? How About Learn to do Them Well? - A Harvard Business Review article about employee evaluations. This article points out the ins and outs of conducting performance reviews.

Laws and Ethics

  • Understanding Workplace Harassment - A comprehensive guide to workplace harassment. This resource defines what constitutes harassment, as well as what action can be taken in response.
  • Affirmative Action Review - A report to President Bill Clinton regarding the state of nationwide affirmative action programs. This report addresses the benefits and necessity of anti-discrimination laws.
  • Genetic Discrimination in the Workplace Factsheet - The American Civil Liberties Union face sheet on genetic discrimination. Addresses the myths and realities concerning genetic testing in the workplace.
  • Americans with Disabilities Act - The official United States Government website for the law known as the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Visitors can find out everything they want to know about the ADA, including its history, proposed regulations and status reports.
  • The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission - The Federal agency that is responsible for enforcing laws against job discrimination. Features publications, explanations of the law, history, and various statistics.

Employee Issues

  • Firing with Dignity - An article that deals with the termination of employees. It discusses how to end an employment relationship with civility and common decency.
  • Wrongful Termination Law – An article about wrongful termination. This resource covers the legal definition and possible actions an affected employee can take.
  • Violence in the Workplace - The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's workplace violence website. Readers can find information about what constitutes workplace violence, as well as statistics, and techniques or detection, intervention and prevention.
  • Prescription Drug Abuse in the Workplace - A Government-sponsored web page about prescription drug abuse by employees. Visitors can find out information about what constitutes the abuse of prescription drugs, as well as trends and statistics.
  • Employee Relations - Problems in the Workplace - The Citadel's guide to dealing with adverse issues in the workplace. This resource discusses various problems that can arise with employees, as well as performance problems, disciplinary issues and performance appraisals.

Health & Safety

  • The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) - Everything that an employer wants to know about workplace health and safety laws can be found here. The OSHA provides a wealth of educational materials, training guides and laws pertaining to specific industries at their website.
  • Recognizing Some Barriers to Implementing Workplace-safety Programs - A web page that addresses the hardships that are involved in enforcing a safe workplace. It discusses the various issues involved, as well as everyone's role in understanding and surpassing these difficulties.
  • Stress at Work - A guide to dealing with stress in the workplace. Contains advice on how to detect, alleviate and cope with issues related to stress.
  • Worker's Compensation - The University of New Hampshire's informational resource about worker's compensation. This resource features a comprehensive look at the nature of worker's compensation, including potential benefits and an employee's guide.

Professional Organizations

  • World at Work - World at Work is a non-profit human resources organization. Visitors can find educational materials as well as information about conferences and various research topics pertaining to the world of human resources.
  • The National Human Resources Association (NHRA) - The NHRA is dedicated to the world of human resource professionals. Their mission includes education, as well as research and innovations in the area of personnel management.
  • The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) - The SHRM is a worldwide association that focuses on the human resource industry. It focuses on a wide variety of issues, including education and ethics, as well as awards and scholarships.
  • Professionals In Human Resources Association (PIHRA) - PIHRA is a California-based organization for people who work in human resources. Its focuses are networking, education and advocacy.
  • Human Resources Management Association of Chicago (HRMAC) - HRMAC is an organization that caters to human resource professionals in the Chicago, Illinois area. Their mission is to provide a forum for professionals who work in this field, as well as facilitate innovations.