Computer Training Los Angeles, CA

Computer Training Los Angeles

Certstaffix® Training provides computer training to businesses & organizations in the Los Angeles, CA area

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355 S. Grand Ave, Suite 2450, Los Angeles, CA 90071

Our training lab in the Downtown Los Angeles area is located at:

355 S. Grand Ave, Suite 2450
Los Angeles, CA 90071

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Computer Classes Los Angeles

Our Downtown Los Angeles computer lab is located on the 24th floor in the Wells Fargo Center building in central Los Angeles. There is a food court that holds several places to eat, including Starbucks, McDonalds, California Pizza Kitchen, and many more.

Parking is not included and is the responsibility of students. There are various parking options available, including: parking in the building, valet parking, and parking meters all around the building.

Three blocks from this downtown Los Angeles location are several public parking lots, as well as Pershing Square which is a location that all major buses and trains make a stop at. Various Los Angeles run bus lines also make stops conveniently in front of the building.

Parking: Parking is not included as this is a downtown location. Parking in the building garage is available or many or nearby lots and metered street parking.

Computer Courses in Los Angeles Area:

We have two training locations in the Los Angeles area for your convenience:

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Certstaffix® Training provides computer training in Los Angeles and these neighborhoods:

  » Aliso Village

  » Dayton Avenue

  » Maravilla Housing Project

  » Pico Gardens

  » Aurant

  » Eastmont

  » Mission Junction

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  » Butte Street Junction

  » Lincoln Heights

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  » Vernon

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  » Little Tokyo

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  » Clement Junction

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  » Cypress Park

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Some Companies in California We've Trained:

In Los Angeles and other cities in California, we have trained these companies. Feel free to contact us for student or company references.

  » 90210 Surgical Medical Center in Beverly Hills, CA

  » AltheaDx, Inc. in San Diego, CA

  » AAA Network Solutions, Inc. in Yorba Linda, CA

  » AmeriCorps NCCC in McClellan, CA

  » AbbVie in Daly City, CA

  » Amgen in Thousand Oaks, CA

  » A-C Electric in Bakersfield, CA

  » Ana Woolliscroft in Campbell, CA

  » Ackerstone Industries in Corona, CA

  » Anderson Direct Marketing in Poway, CA

  » Adaptive Insights in Palo Alto, CA

  » Aquaneering in San Diego, CA

  » AECOM in Orange, CA

  » Asian Pacific American Legal Center in Los Angeles, CA

  » AIG in Fremont, CA

  » ASIC Advantage in Sunnyvale, CA

  » Alameda County Sheriff's Office in Oakland, CA

  » Assured Relocation in Menlo Park, CA

  » Alcore in EL Monte, CA

  » Asterias Biotherapeutics in Fremont, CA

  » Allstate Insurance in Rialto, CA

  » Atherton & Associates in Modesto, CA

  » Almond Board of California in Modesto, CA

  » Atherton Appliance & Kitchens in Redwood, CA

  » AltaMed Health Services Corporation in Los Angeles, CA

  » Atlona Technologies in Sunnyvale, CA