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Length: 2 day(s)      Public Class Price: $920/person (USD)      Group Class Price: Request Quote      Course Category: Adobe Captivate

By following step-by-step activities, you will learn tons of advanced Adobe Captivate concepts. For instance, you’ll create a highly interactive software simulation in the very first module. Not only that, you’ll control the text that appears in the recording’s text captions by editing Captivate’s text capture templates.

Is support for mobile learners a hot topic in your company? You’ll create responsive lessons (using Fluid Boxes and Breakpoints) that automatically reflow to fit just about any kind of display including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. What about Virtual Reality with 360-degree images and videos? What about interactive videos (videos that suddenly include knowledge checks and other interactive objects)? Captivate now supports both features and you’ll learn about them here!

Fine-tune your Captivate production skills by leveraging object styles, master slides, themes, and advanced actions. Learn to create object styles, apply them globally, and import and export them. Knock large projects down to size by learning to create branch groups. Create branching scenarios that allow learners to plot their own path through your course. And templates! You’ll learn to create those too!

Ensure your eLearning can be used by people with disabilities by adding such 508-compliant features as accessibility text, keyboard shortcuts, and closed captions. Enable Captivate’s reporting features and, along the way, learn about Learning Management Systems, SCORM, SCOs, Manifests, and content packages.

Captivate Versions That Can Attend: 2019, 2017 & 9 (Microsoft Windows PC)
Course Taught With: Captivate 2019 (Microsoft Windows PC) Software and Courseware

This is an instructor-led course. It is taught by an instructor live online or at organizations for groups.
For team training, we can teach onsite at your office or private live online.

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  Detailed Course Topics

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Knowledge Pre-Requisites

Course Topics

Module 1: Interactive Software Simulations and Caption Pre-Editing
You'll record a software simulation using Captivate's Custom recording mode. Then you’ll edit a little-known language file and control the text that appears in Captivate text captions before you record any screen actions. You Will Learn To:
• Rehearse a Script
• Set Recording Preferences
• Record a Simulation
• Edit a Text Capture Template

Module 2: Interactive Software Simulations and Caption Pre-Editing
You'll record a software simulation using Captivate's Custom recording mode. Then you’ll edit a little-known language file and control the text that appears in Captivate text captions before you record any screen actions. You Will Learn To:
• Rehearse a Script
• Set Recording Preferences
• Record a Simulation
• Edit a Text Capture Template

Module 3: Variables and Widgets
Variables serve as placeholders for data. The data can be used to provide feedback to the learner, create Advanced Actions, add content, or configure widgets. Widgets give Captivate developers the ability to extend Captivate’s functionality without limits. You’ll learn how to both insert widgets and how to configure them in a project. You Will Learn To:
• Add Project Information
• Insert a System Variable
• Edit a System Variable
• Create a User Variable
• Use a Variable to Gather Learner Data
• Insert and Format a Widget

Module 4: Interactive Videos and Virtual Reality
Captivate allows for videos (any videos) to include a high level of interactivity via knowledge checks, learner interactions, and more. You will learn how to insert an interactive video, insert bookmarks on the video timeline, and jump to the marks from any point in the video or from other Captivate slides. You will also create overlays that will appear on the video. You’ll also create virtual reality projects by importing supplied 360 images into a new virtual reality project. You Will Learn To:
• Insert an Interactive Video
• Add Bookmarks
• Add Slide Overlays
• Create a Virtual Reality Project
• Add a Text Hotspot
• Add an Audio Hotspot
• Add a Quiz to a Virtual Reality Project

Module 5: Interactions
Interactions, also referred to as Smart Learning Interactions, are powerful widgets that allow you to quickly insert interactive objects onto a slide. Captivate ships with a wide range of Interactions, such as Process Cycles and Pyramids, and you can download others. As you work with Interactions, you’ll find that you can customize not only the content but also the look and feel of the Interaction. You’ll learn how to use Captivate’s Drag and Drop feature to engage your learners like never before. And as you do, you’ll implement states that will allow you to change the appearance of objects at will. You Will Learn To:
• Insert a Process Circle
• Create a Basic Drag and Drop Interaction
• Manage Drag and Drop Buttons and Write Captions
• Create a “Trick” Retry Slide
• Explore an Advanced Drag and Drop Project
• Create an Advanced Drag and Drop Interaction
• Change the States of a Smart Shape
• Use States to Swap Images

Module 6: Accessible eLearning
Creating eLearning lessons and courses that are accessible to citizens with disabilities may be a requirement in your organization. During these lessons, you'll learn some Section 508 best practices, and how to implement them within a Captivate project. You Will Learn To:
• Set Document Information
• Enable Accessibility
• Add Accessibility Text to Slides
• Import Slide Audio
• Add Shortcut Keys
• Add Closed Captions
• Set a Tab Order

Module 7: Advanced Actions
When a learner clicks on a button or click box, an Action occurs. But what if you want multiple, conditional actions to occur? You'll be introduced to Captivate's Advanced Actions that will allow objects to perform multiple tricks for every learner click. You Will Learn To:
• Use a Completed Action
• Name Objects
• Create a Mask
• Control Object Visibility
• Create a Standard Advanced Action
• Attach an Action to a Button
• Group Timeline Objects
• Create a Variable
• Create a Conditional Action
• Create Decision Blocks

Module 8: Project Templates and Master Slides
Efficiency doesn't reach much higher than this... learn to keep the look and feel of your Captivate projects consistent across slides and projects when you create master slides, apply and customize Themes, and create and use Project Templates. You Will Learn To:
• Work with the Main Master Slide
• Work with Content Masters
• Apply a Master to Filmstrip Slides
• Edit a Master
• Apply a Theme
• Create a Custom Theme
• Review a Template
• Create a Project Based on a Template
• Create a Project Template

Module 9: Responsive Projects
The size of the screen that learners use to access eLearning lessons can vary widely. Consider the size of a typical mobile phone compared to the various shapes and sizes of tablets, such as the Apple iPad, Microsoft Surface, and Amazon Kindle Fire. You could develop several Captivate projects that contain the same content but are sized to work on specific devices; however, the problem is that you’d have to edit and update several projects! Who wants to do that?
Additionally, who could possibly consider every screen size for every device? Even if you could build lessons for every screen size known today… what about the screen sizes for devices that have yet to be invented?
During this module, you’ll learn how to navigate Captivate’s responsive interface (which is very different than working in a standard project), and how to create responsive projects from scratch.
In This Module You Will Learn To:
• Customize Breakpoints
• Save a Standard Project as Responsive
• Insert and Name Fluid Boxes
• Resize Fluid Boxes
• Add Content to Fluid Boxes
• Switch Modes
• Use the Position Inspector
• Modify a Single Breakpoint
• Exclude from View
• Add a New Breakpoint
• Position and Link Objects
• Edit Breakpoint Object Styles

Module 10: Reporting Results
If you've included a quiz in your eLearning lesson, it's likely you'll need to track the quiz results. And if working with an LMS is a requirement, we've got you covered there. You'll learn how to prepare a Captivate project so that it will work with an LMS, preview a lesson in the SCORM Cloud, and upload a lesson to an LMS and test it. You Will Learn To:
• Set Quiz Reporting Options
• Create a Manifest File
• Report a Button Interaction
• Adjust Slide Object Interaction
• Preview in SCORM Cloud
• Publish a Content Package
• Create an Inquisiq LMS Account
• Create an LMS Course
• Attach a Lesson to a Course
• Test an eLearning Course
Course Description: Print It | Download PDF | Email It

Adobe Captivate Training Reviews by Certstaffix® Training

Certstaffix® Training collects detailed class reviews via a formal post-class evaluation in all our instructor-led courses. Below are a sample of abbreviated reviews from real students from our past classes. If you would like more reviews or ones with even further detail, please contact us and we would be happy to show you the high quality of our training services.

Certstaffix® Class Reviews

Student Average:
4.79 out of 5 from 23 students

5.00 out of 5

This course (Adobe Captivate Essentials) will allow me to "hit the ground running" with development of Web-based/Video training for my employer. We plan to move from Instructor-Led, Classroom based training to Web-based/Video training. Mic Michenfelder is an excellent instructor who brought "real world" experience to the class. She's knowledgeable, thorough, and clearly understands Adult learners. I plan to take the Adobe Captivate Advanced class, and I hope that Mic is the instructor!

- attended our Adobe Captivate Essentials class

5.00 out of 5

The instructor, Ali Green, was excellent and I was glad to have him again! He made the class very enjoyable and took it at a great pace. He allowed sufficient time to dig deeper into a topic as it applied to my work needs. I do not know that any improvements that need to be done to this class.

- attended our Captivate 9: Advanced class

4.79 out of 5

The instructor provided some additional tips that were not included in the book and it helped me quite a bit. She answered questions that were not present. I would recommend this instructor for anyone.

- attended our Adobe Captivate Essentials class

4.35 out of 5

The instructor Mic was fantastic. The place I took this course was professional and welcoming. I felt it was a wonderful class to begin learning Adobe captivate.

- attended our Adobe Captivate Essentials class

4.99 out of 5

The book could cover Fluid boxes in more detail. Mic, our teacher, covered additional things not in the book which were VERY helpful.

- attended our Adobe Captivate Advanced class

4.94 out of 5

I would like there to be time to discuss things we want to create to get an idea of whether those things can be created via the content discussed during this training.

- attended our Adobe Captivate 2017 Advanced class

4.62 out of 5

I was glad that the class was small since this allowed Mic to show a number of extra tips and answer many more custom questions than if we had a larger course. She would often go through the manual content and then 'kick it up' and show us more or alternative idea on how to use the topic. This customization to the standard courseware was incredibly valuable to me. Her tips were worth the price of the entire course!

- attended our Adobe Captivate Advanced class

4.72 out of 5

Excellent Class. Would like to take session 2 as soon as budget allows. Thanks so much.

- attended our Adobe Captivate Essentials class

4.85 out of 5

Candyce Mairs is an excellent instructor. I really appreciated the helpful hints/tips she discussed!

- attended our Adobe Captivate 2017 Advanced class

5.00 out of 5

Ali Green was a great instructor, very caring and professional. He had an excellent understanding of the training content and how to practically use Captivate. When I or the other student had a question, he was able to create content on the fly to illustrate solutions. Overall, it was a great class.

- attended our Captivate 9: Advanced class

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