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Project Management Professional (PMP) Course

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Project Management Professional (PMP)

by Certstaffix® Training

Project Management Training

Length: 5 day(s)      Public Class Price: $2910/person (USD)      Group Class Price: Request Quote      Course Category: Project Management

Project Management Training
This course is a complete resource for PMP exam preparation. This course includes detailed discussion on a wide range of project management topics, concepts, and key terms, alongside frequent opportunities to gain hands-on practice using these skills in typical workplace scenarios.  The course features:
  • More than 400 exercises and practice questions throughout the book
  • A focus on what you really need to know to pass the exam
  • Exclusive Tricks of the Trade®
  • Proven study techniques
  • A straightforward approach to complex material
  • Agile content to improve understanding

This book is aligned with A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide), Sixth Edition. It is intended for all PMP exams taken after January 2, 2021.

Certification exams are administered by third party testing companies such as Pearson Vue or Prometric. Our courses prepare you for the certification exam, which is an additional fee paid to the testing provider. You must contact Prometric, Pearson Vue or the corresponding testing provider to take a certification exam.
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Certstaffix® Training public classes are instructor-led, live online training you attend from your location or our training labs. Our live online instructors teach you from a remote location while being able to interact with students as in a traditional classroom setting.

  • A real, live instructor teaching you from another location
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  • Interaction with all students in the class at other locations
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Project Management Training Reviews by Certstaffix® Training

Certstaffix® Training collects detailed class reviews via a formal post-class evaluation in all our instructor-led courses. Below are a sample of abbreviated reviews from real students from our past classes. If you would like more reviews or ones with even further detail, please contact us and we would be happy to show you the high quality of our training services.

Certstaffix® Class Reviews

Student Average:
4.74 out of 5 from 66 students

5.00 out of 5

This is a very good start to project management. The 50,000 foot view is great for beginners as well as mid-managers that need to understand the processes. Examples are very good tools to give a beginner a head-start on developing their own tools. I will be developing some new processes and tools for my team which will help them grasp the importance of each step of managing projects and make their project tracking a little easier.

- attended our Project Management Fundamentals class

5.00 out of 5

The instructor, Julie, was great. She was very informative and answered all questions. She did a great job of explaining everything. She was a very good instructor.

- attended our Project Management Essentials class

4.88 out of 5

Thank you Dave for making this a fun learning experience

- attended our Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification class

5.00 out of 5

thank you

- attended our Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification class

4.61 out of 5

Our Trainer was GREAT! Very enthusiastic!!

- attended our Project Management Essentials class

4.76 out of 5

Our instructor, Michael, was fantastic. Our class was only three students, which made room for a great discussion and explanation of any questions we came up with. I was worried about how interactive it was going to be opposed to just lectures, but I would definitely recommend this type of learning for anyone looking to further advance themselves. I would be comfortable taking another course, such as this, in the future.

- attended our Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification class

4.53 out of 5

Kathy made the class entertaining and very enjoyable.

- attended our Project Management Fundamentals class

5.00 out of 5

Instructor was awesome!

- attended our Project Management Essentials class

5.00 out of 5

I would like more lab time and to do exercises.

- attended our Project Management Essentials class

4.98 out of 5

Dave was great presenting and relating subjects with travel sights (which I loved) my hobby

- attended our Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification class

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  Detailed Course Topics

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Project Management Professional (PMP)® Certification

Course Topics

Chapter 1 Building the Foundation 1
Establishing the Foundation 3
Projects vs. Operations 4
Project Characteristics 6
What Is Project Management? 7
Programs 8
Portfolios 8
Organizational Project Management 11
Project Management Offices 11
Understanding How Projects Come About 13
Needs and Demands and Other Factors That Lead to Project Creation 14
Skills Every Good Project Manager Needs 17
Technical Project Management Skills 18
Business Management and Strategic Skills 18
Communication Skills 19
Organizational and Planning Skills 19
Conflict Management Skills 20
Negotiation and Influencing Skills 20
Leadership Skills 21
Team-Building and Motivating Skills 21
Role of a Project Manager 22
Understanding Project Management Process Groups 22
Determining a Project Methodology or Approach 28
Life Cycle Categories 29
Predictive Life Cycle Methodology 30
Agile Methodologies 33
Hybrid 38
Project Life Cycles 38
Understanding How This Applies to Your Next Project 39
Summary 40
Exam Essentials 41
Review Questions 43

Chapter 2 Assessing Project Needs 49
Exploring the Project Management Knowledge Areas 51
Project Integration Management 53
Project Scope Management 56
Project Schedule Management 57
Project Cost Management 58
Project Quality Management 59
Project Resource Management 59
Project Communications Management 60
Project Risk Management 62
Project Procurement Management 62
Project Stakeholder Management 63
Assessing Project Viability 64
Using Project Selection Methods 65
Assessing Project Needs and Creating the Project Charter 73
Enterprise Environmental Factors 78
Organizational Process Assets 78
Tools and Techniques 81
Formalizing and Publishing the Project Charter 82
Pulling the Project Charter Together 83
Key Stakeholders 84
Project Charter Sign-Off 87
Maintaining Project Artifacts 88
Introducing the Kitchen Heaven Project Case Study 89
Understanding How This Applies to Your Next Project 93
Summary 94
Exam Essentials 96
Review Questions 98

Chapter 3 Delivering Business Value 103
Understanding Organizational Structures 106
Functional Organizations 108
Project-Oriented Organizations 112
Matrix Organizations 114
Other Organizational Structures 118
PMO 118
PMO in an Agile Environment 119
Project-Based Organizations 121
Influences of Organizational Structure on Agile Methodologies 122
Identifying Stakeholders 123
Discovering Stakeholders 124
Stakeholder Analysis 126
Categorizing Stakeholders 127
Stakeholder Register 134
Stakeholders on an Agile Project 135
Six Sigma Adaptive Methodology 137
Delivering Business Value 140
Business Value Network 142
Assessing Business Value 143
Delivering Business Value Incrementally 145
Examining Business Value 147
Subdividing Project Tasks 148
Understanding How This Applies to Your Next Project 151
Summary 152
Exam Essentials 153
Review Questions 155

Chapter 4 Developing the Project Scope 161
Developing the Project Management Plan 164
Project Complexity 168
Data Gathering and Interpersonal Skills 168
Documenting the Project Management Plan 169
Documenting the Project Management Plan Using a
Predictive Methodology 172
Plan Scope Management 173
Alternatives Analysis 175
Documenting the Scope Management Plan 177
Documenting the Requirements Management Plan 178
Collecting Requirements 178
Gathering Documents for the Collect Requirements Process 180
Gathering and Documenting Requirements 185
Finalizing Requirements 189
Defining Scope 192
Writing the Project Scope Statement 194
Managing the Product Backlog 199
Creating the Work Breakdown Structure 201
Decomposing the Deliverables 202
Constructing the WBS 203
Backlog 211
Finalizing the WBS 212
Understanding How This Applies to Your Next Project 216
Summary 218
Exam Essentials 219
Review Questions 221

Chapter 5 Creating the Project Schedule 229
Creating the Schedule Management Plan 232
Defining Activities 233
Creating the Activity List 234
Breaking Down User Stories 235
Understanding the Sequence Activities Process 237
Precedence Diagramming and Leads and Lags 238
Project Management Information System 243
Project Schedule Network Diagrams 243
Estimating Activity Resources 244
How to Estimate Activity Resources 245
Documenting Resource Requirements 246
Estimating Resources in an Adaptive Methodology 247
Estimating Activity Durations 247
Project Calendars and Other Considerations 248
Estimating Techniques 249
Duration Estimates 253
Estimating Activity Durations Using Adaptive
Methodologies 255
Developing the Project Schedule 257
Gather Documents to Assist in Developing the Schedule 257
Developing the Project Schedule 258
Project Schedule and the Schedule Baseline 272
Using a Kanban Board and Scrum Board 277
Scrum Board 279
Combining Techniques 280
Agile Release Planning 281
Applying Process Groups in an Agile Approach 281
Understanding How This Applies to Your Next Project 286
Summary 287
Exam Essentials 289
Review Questions 291

Chapter 6 Developing the Project Budget and Engaging Stakeholders 297
Creating the Cost Management Plan 300
Performing Plan Cost Management 301
Creating the Cost Management Plan 302
Estimating Costs 303
Estimating Techniques 307
Estimating Costs for an Agile Project 308
Creating the Cost Estimates 309
Establishing the Cost Baseline 311
Techniques for Developing the Project Budget 313
Developing the Cost Baseline 314
Understanding Stakeholders 318
Analyzing Stakeholders 319
Stakeholder Engagement Plan 320
Mentoring Stakeholders 321
Engaging Stakeholders in an Adaptive Methodology 322
Communicating the Plan 323
Planning Communications 324
Determining Communication Needs 325
Documenting the Communications Management Plan 331
Communicating on an Agile Team 333
A Closer Look at Adaptive Methodologies 335
Other Methodologies 340
Combining Methodologies 345
Understanding How This Applies to Your Next Project 348
Summary 349
Exam Essentials 351
Review Questions 353

Chapter 7 Identifying Project Risks 359
Understanding Risk 361
Creating the Risk Management Plan 362
Risk Attitude 363
Conducting Risk Meetings 364
Documenting the Risk Management Plan 366
Identifying Potential Risks 372
Data Gathering and Data Analysis Techniques for Identifying Risks 374
Documenting the Risk Register 378
Identifying Risks Using an Agile Approach 380
Analyzing Risks Using Qualitative Techniques 381
Performing Qualitative Risk Analysis 382
Ranking Risks in the Risk Register 390
Quantifying Risk 391
Performing Quantitative Risk Analysis 392
Updating the Risk Report 397
Developing a Risk Response Plan 398
Strategies for Creating Risk Responses 399
Documenting the Risk Responses Plan 404
Assessing Risks Using an Agile Approach 407
Planning for Project Compliance 409
Understanding How This Applies to Your Next Project 413
Summary 414
Exam Essentials 415
Review Questions 417

Chapter 8 Planning and Procuring Resources 423
Procurement Planning 425
Gathering Documents for the Procurement Management Plan 427
Source Selection Criteria 433
Procurement Management Plan 435
Procurements in an Agile Environment 442
Developing the Resource Management Plan 445
Understanding Enterprise Environmental Factors 446
Using Data Representation Techniques for Plan Resource Management 448
Documenting the Resource Management Plan 451
Resources on an Agile Project 455
Quality Planning 456
Preparing for Quality 457
Developing the Quality Management Plan 458
Documenting the Quality Management Plan 466
Quality Planning for Agile Projects 468
Project Planning Using Agile Methodologies 469
Bringing It All Together 470
Choosing a Life Cycle Methodology 473
Understanding How This Applies to Your Next Project 480
Summary 481
Exam Essentials 482
Review Questions 485

Chapter 9 Developing the Project Team 491
Directing and Managing Project Work 494
Direct and Manage Project Work Inputs 496
Project Management Information System 499
Deliverables and Work Performance Data 499
Directing Project Work on Agile Projects 504
Executing Practices for Delivering Project Work 508
Acquiring the Project Team and Project Resources 510
The Resource Management Plan 510
Techniques for Acquiring Resources 511
Project Team Assignments 515
Developing the Project Team 517
Generational Diversity 518
Tools and Techniques to Develop the Team 520
Developing Agile Teams 536
Team Performance Assessments 539
Managing Project Teams 543
Emotional Intelligence and Other Tools for Managing Teams 543
Lessons Learned Managing Teams 545
Understanding How This Applies to Your Next Project 547
Summary 548
Exam Essentials 550
Review Questions 552

Chapter 10 Sharing Information 559
Implementing Risk Responses 563
Conducting Procurements 563
Evaluating Proposals 564
Creating Procurement Agreements 571
Conducting Procurements on Agile Projects 573
Laying Out Quality Assurance Procedures 574
Managing Quality with Data and Audits 575
Quality Reports and Test and Evaluation Documents 580
Conducting Quality Assessments on an Agile Project 581
Managing Project Knowledge 582
Knowledge Management 583
Information Management 583
Managing Project Artifacts 583
Managing Project Information 584
Communication and Conflict Resolution Skills 585
Project Communications and Elements of Communicating 594
Communicating on Agile Projects 596
Managing Stakeholder Engagement 597
Observing and Conversing 598
Agile Frameworks 599
Agile Methodologies or Frameworks 600
Scaling Frameworks 601
Understanding How This Applies to Your Next Project 606
Summary 607
Exam Essentials 608
Review Questions 611

Chapter 11 Measuring and Controlling Project Performance 619
Monitoring and Controlling Project Work 624
Forecasting Methods 625
Work Performance Reports 626
Controlling Procurements 627
Procurement Documents and Approved Change Requests 629
Monitoring Vendor Performance 631
Closing Out Procurements 632
Monitoring Communications 636
Documents to Help Monitor Communications 637
Monitoring Communications with Meetings 637
Work Performance Information 639
Performing Integrated Change Control 642
How Change Occurs 643
Change Control Concerns 644
Configuration Control 645
Change Control System 646
Approved Change Requests 650
Changes in the Business Environment 651
Monitoring Stakeholder Engagement 654
Controlling Resources 654
Utilizing Control Quality Techniques 655
Control Quality Tools and Techniques 656
Verifying Deliverables 664
Monitoring and Controlling Risk 664
Monitor Risks Analysis and Meetings 666
Monitor Risks Updates 667
Monitoring Project Management Integrations 668
Understanding How This Applies to Your Next Project 671
Summary 672
Exam Essentials 674
Review Questions 676

Chapter 12 Controlling Work Results and Closing Out the Project 683
Controlling Cost Changes 686
Earned Value Analysis 687
Variance Analysis 689
Trend Analysis 692
To-Complete Performance Index 697
Earned Value Measures on Agile Projects 700
Monitoring and Controlling Schedule Changes 702
Burndown and Burnup Charts 703
Performance Reviews 705
Changes to the Schedule 706
Validating Project Scope 707
Controlling Scope 708
Measuring Work Results on Agile Projects 710
Formulating Project Closeout 713
Characteristics of Closing 713
Project Endings 714
Closing Out the Project 717
Administrative Closure Procedures 718
Regression Analysis 719
Close Project or Phase Final Report 719
Closing Out the Procurements 723
Closing Out an Agile Project 724
Celebrate! 725
Releasing Project Team Members 725
Balancing Stakeholders’ Interests at Project Close 725
Competing Needs 726
Dealing with Issues and Problems 727
Balancing Constraints 727
Professional Responsibility 727
Responsibility 728
Respect 731
Fairness 734
Honesty 737
Role Delineation Study 739
Applying Professional Knowledge 739
Project Management Knowledge 740
Education Providers 740
Industry Knowledge 740
Understanding How This Applies to Your Next Project 746
Summary 748
Exam Essentials 750
Review Questions 752
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