Microsoft Access 2019: Part 1 (Beginner) Online Course

Microsoft Access TrainingMicrosoft Access 2019: Part 1 (Beginner)

by Certstaffix® Training

Length: 1 Course(s)      Price: $200/person (US Dollars)      Bulk Pricing: 6+ Contact Us      Access Length: 6 Months      Category: Microsoft Access

This Introduction to Microsoft Access 2019 training class starts by covering basic database concepts. Students will then learn to design and create databases and tables, query those tables, and create forms and reports in Access 2019 or Access 365.
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  Detailed Training Topics

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Microsoft Access Training

Microsoft Access 2019: Part 1 (Beginner) - 20:07 hours

Quick Overview of the Access User Interface
Access Ribbon
External Data
Database Tools
Contextual Tabs
Quick Access Toolbar
Object Navigation Pane
Access Work Surface
Object Overview
Macros and Modules
Process Overview
Exercise: Getting Around the Access Environment
Create a Database Using a Wizard
Questions to Ask Before You Start
What is the purpose of the database?
Who will use the database?
What kind of output is needed from the database?
What process is the database replacing or improving?
Exercise: Asking Questions
Approaches to Database Design
Top-Down Database Design
Bottom-Up Database Design
Gather Information
Data Mapping
Sample Data Map
A Few Words about Naming Conventions
Exercise: Gathering Information
First Normal Form
Second Normal Form
Third Normal Form
Table Relationships
Relationship Types
Exercise: Normalizing Data
Tables and Their Views
Definition and Purpose
Datasheet View
Selection Tools
Table Layout Tools
Sorting and Filtering Tools
Print Records
Record Navigation
Working in Datasheet View
Exercise:Working with Tables in Datasheet View
Design View
Open a Table in Design View
Design View Layout
Creating an Access Database
Exercise: Creating a New Database
Data Types
Exercise: Determining Data Types
Create a Table in Design View
Delete a Field
Rename a Table
Exercise: Creating a Table in Design View
Definition and Purpose
Select Queries
Select Queries with Criteria
Logical Operators
Group and Total with Queries
Totals Row with Group By
Exercise: Creating Select Queries
Definition and Purpose
Alter a Form
Delete Forms
Remove Form Controls
Format a Form
Exercise: Adding Data Records in Form View
Form Record Navigation
Layout View and Design View
One-Click Forms
Basic Data Entry Form
Basic Multi-Record Form
Datasheet Form
Split Form
Form Wizard
Create a Form with the Form Wizard
Exercise: Creating a Form with the Form Wizard
Definition and Purpose
One-Click Report
Report Wizard
Create a Report Using the Report Wizard
Exercise: Creating a Report with the Report Wizard
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