Microsoft Access 2019: Part 2 (Expert) Online Course

Microsoft Access TrainingMicrosoft Access 2019: Part 2 (Expert)

by Certstaffix® Training

Length: 1 Course(s)      Price: $200/person (US Dollars)      Bulk Pricing: 6+ Contact Us      Access Length: 6 Months      Category: Microsoft Access

This Advanced Access 2019 training class is for students who intend to design databases at an advanced level and/or want to improve existing Access 2019 or Access 365 databases.
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  Detailed Training Topics

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Microsoft Access Training

Microsoft Access 2019: Part 2 (Expert) - 21:07 hours

Referential Integrity
Data Types and Relationships
Formalize the Relationship between Tables
A Few Words about Naming Conventions
Exercise: Creating Relationships
Query Design View
Review of Select Queries
Review of Select Queries with Criteria
Logical Operators
Parameter Queries
Action Queries
Make Table Queries
Append Queries
Update Queries
Delete Queries
Creating Crosstab Queries
Delete a Query
Rename a Query
Exercise: Creating Select and Action Queries
Exercise: Creating a Parameter Query
Table Functions
Importing Data
Linking Tables from External Sources
Import Tables from other Databases
Tables from Templates and Application Parts
Exercise: Importing Data from Excel
Exercise: Exporting Data to Excel
Design View
Form Sections
Adding a Header and Footer
Adding a Logo to the Header
Adding a Title to the Header
Adding Fields to a Form
Arranging Fields on a Form
Spacing Objects on a Form
Tab Order
Setting Properties on a Form
Create Forms with Application Parts
Creating a Subform
Exercise: Creating Forms
Alter a Form
Delete Forms
Remove Form Controls
Format a Form
Design View
Report Sections
Report Header
Page Header
Group Header
Group Footer
Page Footer
Report Footer
Adding a Report Header/Footer
Adding a Logo to the Report Header
Adding a Title to the Report Header
Adding Fields to a Report
Add Calculated Fields
Arranging Fields on a Report
Resizing the Detail Section
Eliminating Repeating Headings
Set Margins
Grouping and Sorting
Setting Properties on a Report
Report Property Sheet
Section Property Sheet
Object Property Sheet
Adding Record Counts
Special Report Fields
Page Numbering
Printing a Report
Application Parts
Deleting a Report
Formatting a Report
Adding a Background and Images and Applying a Theme
Exercise: Creating Reports
Macro Basics
Open a Table, Form, and Report
Run a Query
Print a Report
Running a Macro
Exercise: Creating Simple Macros
Completing the Desktop Application
The Navigation Form
Running Macros from a Navigation Form
Setting the Navigation Form as the Default Form
Exercise: Creating a Navigation Form
Splitting the Database
Encrypt with a Password
Distributing the Front-End Database
Database Maintenance
Compact and Repair
Backup/Recover a Database
Maintain Backward Compatibility
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