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Adobe Illustrator TrainingeLearning Bundle - Adobe Illustrator CC

by Certstaffix® Training

Length: 1 Course(s)      Price: $350/person (US Dollars)      Bulk Pricing: 6+ Contact Us      Access Length: 6 Months      Category: Adobe Illustrator

In this Introduction to Illustrator Creative Cloud training class, students will get started creating graphics and illustrations starting with the basics and using the tools and utilities the program offers to create layouts and illustrations.
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Prefer a self-paced learning solution to fit your own schedule? Certstaffix® Training offers eLearning courses bundled together:

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  Detailed Training Topics

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Adobe Illustrator Training

Introduction to Illustrator Creative Cloud (CC) - 12:52 Hours


Learn to navigate the Illustrator environment.
Learn to create documents and basic shapes.
Working with colors, swatches, and fill and stroke.
Organize a project and work with layers and artboards.
Learn advanced illustration techniques.
Learn to work with shape, brush, and gradient tools to manage shapes in your projects.
Learn to work with type.
Manage project components.


Getting to Know the Illustrator Environment
Menus and Navigation
Rulers and Guides
File Management
Exercise: Illustrator Environment
Getting Started
Creating a Project
Create a New Document
Exercise: Create New Document
Creating Basic Shapes
Using Drawing Modes
Exercise: Draw components of the project
Working with Colors
Working with Swatches
Fill and Stroke Attributes
Exercise: Format Artwork
Organizing a Project
Organizing a Project
Creating Layers and Sublayers
Layer options
Layer Organization
Exercise: Work with Layers
Working with Duplication of Artboards
Exercise: Artboards and Duplication
Creating Advanced Illustrations
Using Advanced Techniques
Using the Pencil Tool
Exercise: Drawing with the Pencil Tool
Using the Pen Tool
Exercise: Drawing with the Pen Tool
Using the Line Tools
Exercise: Drawing with the Line Tools
Transforming Objects
Align and Distribute Objects
Liquefy Tools
Working with Grouped Objects
Exercise: Manipulate Project Components
Advanced Management of Shapes
Management of Shapes
Working with Appearance
Exercise: Appearance Panel
Working with Pathfinder
Working with Shape Builder Tool
Exercise: Path and Shape Builder Tools
Working with Coloring and Painting
Live Paint
Creating Patterns
Exercise: Brushes and Patterns
Using Gradient Tools
Exercise: Gradients
Working with Graphic Styles
Exercise: Styles
Working with Type
Working with Type
Create Text
Format Text
Exercise: Creating Types of Text
Working with Styles
Using Tabs
Exercise: Styles and Tabs
Working with Glyphs
Converting Type to Outlines
Exercise: Type to Outlines
Managing Project Components
Project Components
Reusing Design Elements
Custom Art Brush
Sharing Color Themes
Exercise: Reuse
Import Text and Thread Text Frames
Import Styles
Import Artwork
Exercise: Import
Manage Linked and Embedded Project Components
Exercise: Working with Linked Content
Sharing Your Project
Sharing your project
Proofing Tools
Preview Project
Exercise: Proof
Export Options
Save for Video
Save for Web
Generate CSS
Exercise: Print and Export
Package a Project
Course Description: Print It | Download PDF | Email It