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ASP.NET TrainingeLearning Bundle - ASP.NET

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This eLearning Bundle includes these 2 courses: Beginning Modern C# and .NET Development and Beginning ASP.NET.
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Prefer a self-paced learning solution to fit your own schedule? Certstaffix® Training offers eLearning courses bundled together:

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ASP.NET Training

Beginning Modern C# and .NET Development - 6:12 hours

The course will initially begin with familiarizing you to the different .NET technologies and Visual Studio 2017. Beginning from the basic concepts of declaring and working with variables, we move on to writing code that makes decisions, repeats a block of statements, converts between types, and handles errors.You will also learn about .NET Core and its class library assemblies, and packages of types that are defined in .NET Standard that allow your applications to connect existing components together to perform common practical tasks. You will then learn to make your own types using object-oriented programming (OOP) and learn how to read and write to databases.You will then see what can be achieved with Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML) when defining the user interface for a graphical app, in particular, for Universal Windows Platform (UWP). Finally, we look at building web applications with a modern HTTP architecture on the server side using Microsoft ASP.NET Core MVC.


• Quickly get to grips with the C# language and syntax
• Build an understanding of the .NET standard class libraries as a springboard for future development
• Learn how to debug, monitor and test your own C# and .NET code
• Perform simple data manipulation with Entity Framework Core
• Rapidly build rich user experiences for the Universal Windows Platform
• Develop scalable and high performance web applications using ASP.NET Core MVC

Beginning ASP.NET - 3:56 hours

ASP.NET is a web framework that helps developers create dynamic web applications and services.This course will help attendees build an understanding of the tried-and-true MVC architecture. They will develop an example shopping cart application whilst building the skills required for real-world development projects with ASP.NET.


• Learn how to use ASP.NET to build web applications
• Use MVC patterns and industry best practices to build flexible and robust applications
• Discover how to improve the analysis of application performance, security, and data access to optimise the overall development process
• Create a simple ASP.NET Core web application to demonstrate primary concepts of MVC, unit testing, validation and deployment to the cloud.
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