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eLearning Bundle - Customer Service Online Course

Customer Service TrainingeLearning Bundle - Customer Service

by Certstaffix® Training

Length: 10 Course(s)      Price: $300/person (US Dollars)      Bulk Pricing: 6+ Contact Us      Access Length: 6 Months      Category: Customer Service

This eLearning Bundle includes these 10 courses: Customer Service: Telephone Etiquette, Customer Service: Business Email Etiquette, Customer Service: Trust and Rapport Building, Customer Service: Active Listening Skills, Customer Service: Problem Solving Model, Customer Service: Defusing Anger, Customer Service: Managing Customer Expectations, Customer Service: Creating Customer Loyalty, Customer Service: Stress Control and Customer Service: Goal Setting.
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Customer Service Training

Customer Service: Telephone Etiquette - 45 minutes

Customer Service Skills Training: Telephone Etiquette

How to make the caller feel glad they called from hello to goodbye.

Have you ever experienced calling what you thought was a well-run professional company, only to be disappointed by the manner in which people answered the phone, transferred your call, put you on hold, or ended the call?

If they weren’t professional, how could the rest of the company be? What kind of workmanship or service would you expect?

It's not just the receptionist who answers the phone either. Almost everyone in the company has one on their desk and they use them to talk to internal or external customers every day.

The definition of professional includes “exhibiting a courteous, conscientious, and generally businesslike manner in the workplace.”

Telephone behavior can set either a positive or a negative stage for any conversation with both internal and external customers.

This course provides the necessary guidelines to ensure a positive impact with all callers.

This course is based on the Amazon Top 100 Best Selling ebook, Telephone Etiquette by Robert DeGroot.

Customer Service: Business Email Etiquette - 45 minutes

Customer Service Skills Training: Business Email Etiquette

How to communicate responsibility using Email for business.

Email is a routine part of how we communicate and document much of what we do at work with both internal and external customers.

The challenge is that since we all use email and texting for business and personal use, it’s not uncommon to confuse what is appropriate for work versus what is appropriate for personal use.

Your company's image of professionalism can be influenced by how you conduct your email communications.

Used appropriately, it can strengthen your professional image, enhance efficiency with concise writing, provide rapid response to pressing business issues, enable time for thoughtful communications to customers and others more sensitive inquiries, and provide a paper trail to document communications.

The purpose of this course is to prevent errors that could tarnish business relationships by providing clear guidelines for business email.

Customer Service: Trust and Rapport Building - 45 minutes

Customer Service and Sales Skills Training: Trust and Rapport Building

Strengthen communication and trusting relationships in a business setting.

Customers will seek to do business with people and companies where they perceive a trusting relationship can be created.

No rapport, no trust, no business.

This course will show you how to use the specific skills and the right motivation to make trust and rapport building quick and easy with almost every customer and how to avoid doing things that would break trust or block it from forming.

Customer Service: Active Listening Skills - 45 minutes

Sales and Customer Service Skills Training: Active Listening

You interact with people on a daily basis who have difficulty giving clear and easy to understand messages.

That’s when knowing how to use active listening skills to provide feedback ensures that you’re getting the message they want you to get.

These skills become critical during your day to day work activities when you’re involved in problem-solving, or will be asked for input, or will be asked to take some action.

Without these active listening skills to confirm your understanding of the message or task, misunderstandings will occur and these misunderstandings will often lead to costly errors, arguments, damaged relationships, and lost productivity.

On the other hand, forming a habit of using active listening skills will improve your relationships with both internal and external customers.

This course is based on the Amazon Top 100 Best Selling ebook, Active Listening Skills by Robert DeGroot.

Customer Service: Problem Solving Model - 45 minutes

Customer Service Skills Training: Problem Solving Model

Can you quickly define the steps in your problem-solving process? If not, how can you help others learn effective problem-solving methods?

The costs associated with not having a systematic problem-solving model can be phenomenal. Often these costs get blamed on "bad" judgment or poor decision-making ability but in reality, the underlying cause is usually not having and using a clearly defined systematic problem-solving process.

Self-esteem is directly related to the confidence you have in your own problem-solving abilities.

Confidence is built by repetitive successes solving problems in a broad range of situations using a clearly defined problem-solving process you can trust. A trustworthy model that produces consistent results boosts your confidence that you can successfully meet the challenges you and your customers face.

Customer Service: Defusing Anger - 45 minutes

Customer Service Skills Training: Defusing Anger

How to defuse anger quickly and effectively.

There are times when customers sense that the problem they’re having with your product or service could cause them to experience a loss of the benefits it provides. A threat of loss triggers anger. With upset customers, if we simply solve the problems and do not take care of the customers’ emotions first, we end up with a satisfied angry customer.

Angry customers will tell many other potential customers about the problem. Even though the problem was solved, they are still upset. They often feel that it shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

If your job brings you into contact with customers experiencing problems with your products or services then it would make sense for you to know more about anger and how to use the three steps to defuse it so you can get on with helping customers solve problems.

These are life skills that will apply in all situations where loss and anger occur.

This course is based on the Amazon Top 100 Best Selling ebook, Defusing Anger by Robert DeGroot.

Customer Service: Managing Customer Expectations - 45 minutes

Customer Service Skills Training: Managing Customer Expectations

How to create and change expectations without evoking anger, sadness, or other negative emotions.

When you think about it, you set expectations every day for yourself and others. Most of the time you are able to meet them, and your communications are routine.

However, when unexpected complications occur you must know how to communicate with the people whose expectations will not be met without upsetting them. Putting it off will hurt the trust you have them. Addressing it properly can strengthen it. How do you feel when someone springs a change in what you expected at the last minute?

In this course, you will learn the knowledge, skills, and strategies to help you change the customers’ expectations with minimal negative impact to you and customer.

This course is based on the Amazon Top 100 Best Selling ebook, Managing Customer Expectations by Robert DeGroot.

Customer Service: Creating Customer Loyalty - 45 minutes

Customer Service Skills Training: Creating Customer Loyalty - Revised Course

Customer loyalty originates from the unique capabilities your company offers that help customers meet their needs better than your competitors can.

It is sustained by how well customers like interacting with those within your company.

Your professional interactions ultimately support high customer satisfaction ratings, as well as, high customer retention levels.

The purpose of this course is to provide you with basic and advanced knowledge, skills and strategies designed to strengthen customer loyalty.

This, in turn, will reduce customer turnover, as well as, increase long-term profitable sales.

Customer Service: Stress Control - 45 minutes

Customer Service Skills Training: Stress Control

How to minimize the impact of stress in the work setting.

Research studies by stress experts show that 75% to 90% of all visits to primary care physicians are for stress-related issues. Job dissatisfaction, heightened emotional sensitivity, diminished intellectual sharpness, and damaged interpersonal relationships are all common outcomes of trying to cope using methods that are no-longer effective.

Stress management is a life skill that can dramatically improve customer perceptions of service competency. When a customer senses how stressed you are, you naturally raise their anxieties about your abilities to help them.

In this course, you'll learn the mental, emotional, and physical signs of stress. You'll also learn the five phases of the stress response process and several coping methods effective in each phase. And, you'll learn how to quickly develop a personal "stress control plan" to fit your exact needs.

Customer Service: Goal Setting - 45 minutes

Customer Service and Sales Skills Training: Goal Setting

It's easy to understand how people with written goals and action plans get ahead by accomplishing significantly more than people without goals.

People with written goals are very clear about what they want when they want it, and how to get it. If the goal is right for them, they can build and sustain incredible motivation and focus.

If you don’t have goals, you’re not alone. Research shows that most people don’t have goals. Only a very small percentage of people have goals and fewer still have written goals.

Many people don’t have goals simply because they don’t know what they want.

Quite often if they do think of something they want, they don’t know how to turn it into a functional goal, how to create a workable action plan, nor how to create and sustain the necessary motivation to see it through to the end.

In this course, we’ll provide dozens of optional goal ideas categorized by the different areas of your life.

Once you select what you want, we’ll guide you through the goal-setting process and show you how to build and sustain the motivation you need to achieve. Get ready for exciting opportunities to achieve in many areas of your life.

This course is based on the Amazon Top 100 Best Selling ebook, Goal Setting by Robert DeGroot.
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