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PHP TrainingeLearning Bundle - PHP Programming

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In this PHP training course, students will learn to create database-driven websites using PHP and MySQL.
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  Detailed Training Topics

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PHP Training

Introduction to PHP - 32:52 hours

Learn how PHP works.
Learn the basic syntax of PHP.
Learn to create dynamic interactive pages with PHP.
Learn to handle exceptions in PHP.
Learn to work with arrays in PHP.
Learn to process and validate forms with PHP.
Learn to write functions in PHP.
Learn to manipulate and manage database data with PHP.
Learn to manage sessions and cookies with PHP.
Learn to create a complete and secure registration process with PHP.
Learn to send email with PHPMailer.
Learn to upload files with PHP.

PHP Basics
Welcome to the Server-side
What is a web server?
Dynamic Websites
Google Chrome DevTools: Network Tab
Status Codes
How PHP Works
The php.ini File
PHP Tags
Hello, World!
PHP Statements and Whitespace
PHP Functions
Variable Types
Variable Names (Identifiers)
Type Juggling and Casting
Hello Variables!
Variable Scope
Single Quotes vs. Double Quotes
Passing Variables on the URL
User-defined Functions (UDFs)
Defining and Calling Functions
Default Values
Variable Scope
By Reference vs. By Value
Introduction to the Poet Tree Club
Including Files
Error Reporting
Displaying Errors
Including a Secure Configuration File
PHP Conditionals
if / if - else / if - elseif - else
Simple if Condition
if-else Condition
if-elseif-else statement
False Equivalents: Falsy Values
Testing for Variable Existence
Exercise: Checking for Variable Existence
Ternary Operator
Null Coalescing Operator
Arithmetic Operators and Loops
Arithmetic Operators
The Modulus Operator
break and continue
Indexed Arrays
Initializing Arrays
Appending to an Array
Reading from Arrays
Looping through Arrays
Associative Arrays
Initializing Associative Arrays
Reading from Associative Arrays
Looping through Associative Arrays
Superglobal Arrays
Multi-dimensional Arrays
Reading from Two-dimensional Arrays
Looping through Two-dimensional Arrays
Two-dimensional Associative Arrays
Non-tabular Multi-dimensional Arrays
Array Manipulation Functions
in_array() Function
Working with Databases
Attributes / Properties
Behaviors / Methods
Classes vs Objects
Connecting to a Database with PDO
Introducing the Poetree Database
Querying Records with PHP
Queries Returning Multiple Rows
Creating the Poems Listings
Adding Pagination
Exception Handling
Uncaught Exceptions
Throwing Your Own Exceptions
Catching Exceptions
Getting Information about Exceptions
When Queries Fail to Execute
PHP and HTML Forms
HTML Forms
How HTML Forms Work
Form Submissions
Sanitizing Form Data
Validating Form Data
Was the Field Filled In?
Is the Entered Value an Integer?
Is it an Email?
Is it a Valid Password and Do the Passwords Match?
Do the Combined Values Create a Valid Date?
Did the User Check the Box?
Sending Email with PHP
Shortcomings of mail()
Setting Up PHPMailer
Get and Install the Latest Version of PHPMailer
Mail Server
Including a Mail Configuration File
Sending Email with PHPMailer
PHPMailer Methods and Properties
Creating a Contact Form
Authentication with PHP and SQL
The Registration Process
Passwords and Pass Phrases
Registration with Tokens
Creating a Registration Form
Sessions and Session Variables
Logging In and Out
$_REQUEST Variables
Resetting the Pass Phrase
LAB: Inserting, Updating, and Deleting Poems
Submitting a New Poem
Editing an Existing Poem
Deleting a Poem
Uploading Files
Uploading Images via an HTML Form
Resizing Images
Uploading a Profile Picture

Class Prerequisites
Experience in the following is required for this PHP class:

Experience in the following would be useful for this PHP class:

Some SQL
Course Description: Print It | Download PDF | Email It