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QuickBooks Training

Length: 3 Course/s      Price: $250/person (US Dollars)      Bulk Pricing: 10+ Contact Us      Access Length: 6 Months      Language: English (USA)

This eLearning Bundle includes these three courses: QuickBooks®: Online - Beginner, QuickBooks®: Online - Advanced and QuickBooks®: Pro - 2021.

This is a Self-Paced eLearning course. With eLearning, you can start or stop your training as needed and resume where you left off. You can also replay and navigate to specific parts of the training. eLearning is beneficial when a topic or specific subject needs to be learned quickly or on one's own schedule.
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  Detailed Training Topics

QuickBooks®: Online - Beginner - 4:34 hours

Whether you need to learn QuickBooks® Online to manage your accounts or the accounts of a client, we have you covered.

In this course, we'll introduce you to this essential cloud accounting software. QuickBooks® Online has a very different look to the traditional QuickBooks® desktop software. If you have access to QuickBooks® Online rather than QuickBooks® desktop version, this is the course for you.

This course will give you a solid grounding in how to use QuickBooks® Online effectively and efficiently. We'll start at the very beginning and cover everything that’s required to get set up in QuickBooks® Online before moving onto more advanced features.

Course Features
• Video
• Audio NarrationInline
• Inline Activities
• Post-Assessment
• Supplemental Resources

Course Outline
Section 1: Getting Started With QuickBooks Online
• Welcome and Overview
• QuickBooks Online Subscriptions
• QuickBooks Online & Mobile Devices

Section 2: QuickBooks Company Files
• Accessing QuickBooks Online Sample Files
• Setting Up A New Company File
• Uploading QuickBooks Desktop Files to the Online Version
• Overview of the User Interface

Section 3: Customizing Company Files
• The Gear Menu
• Customizing Your Company File
• Customizing Your Company File - part 2
• Managing Users
• Chart of Accounts Part-1
• Chart of Accounts Part-2

Section 4: Customers
• Customer List
• Adding Customers
• Adding Sub-Customers
• Editing Customer
• Making Customers Inactive
• Importing Customers

Section 5: Sales Transactions
• Sales Overview
• Sales Receipts
• Invoicing Customers
• Recording Customer Payments
• Credit Memos
• Refunds
• Statements
• Tags
• Customer & Sales Reports

Section 6: Products & Services
• Overview of Products & Services
• Adding New Products & Services
• Adding Inventory Products
• Purchase Orders
• Receiving Products Into Inventory
• Product & Service Reports

Section 7: Vendors & Expenses
• Overview of Vendors
• Adding Vendors
• Entering Purchases and Expenses
• Entering Checks
• Credit Card Charges
• Making Credit Cards Payments
• Entering bills
• Paying bills
• Credit Memos
• Vendor Reports

Section 8: Banking
• Bank Registers
• Bank Transfers
• Bank Feeds
• Downloading Transactions
• Disconnecting Bank Feeds
• Reconciling
• PayPal, Square, & Other Bank Accounts

Section 9: Loans
• Setting up loans
• Making Loan Payments

Section 10: Recurring Transactions, Mileage & Journal Entries
• Recurring Transactions
• Mileage
• Creating Journal Entries

Section 11: Wrap up
•Wrap Up

QuickBooks®: Online - Advanced - 3:43 hours

QuickBooks® is available as desktop software and now in a cloud-based online format. This course has more depth about some of the advanced functions within the cloud-based version, QuickBooks® Online.

This course will introduce you to more advanced topics available in this impressive accountancy software. This course is suitable for Bookkeepers, Accountants/CPAs, or small business owners handling their books.

Course Features
• Video
• Audio NarrationInline
• Inline Activities
• Post-Assessment
• Supplemental Resources

Course Outline
Section 1: Forms and Customizing Forms
• Welcome and Overview
• Introduction to Forms
• Locating Forms
• Edit the Form Design
• Related Default Text
• Importing a Word Invoice
• Selecting the Desired Template

Section 2: Reporting
• Introduction to Reports
• Creating Standard Reports
• Customizing Reports
• Saving Customized Reports
• Audit Trail
• Bonus Reports

Section 3: Sales Tax
• Introduction to Sales Tax
• Sales Tax Settings
• Taxable Products/Services
• Create an Invoice with Sales Tax
• Adjusting the Tax Rate on the Invoice
• Sales Tax Liability Report
• Review Sales Tax Return
• Wrapping Up

Section 4: Payroll
• Introduction to Payroll
• Set Up Checklist
• Add Employees
• Company Setup
• Run Payroll
• Adjust Payroll Settings
• Payroll Taxes

Section 5: Mail Merges
• Introduction to Mail Merge
• Noting the Record

Section 6: Creating Budgets
• Introduction to Budgeting
• Creating a Basic Budget
• Budget Options
• Budget Reports

Section 7: Reminders and Alerts, Automated Reminders
• Introduction to Reminders
• Set Up Reminders
• Locate, Edit, and Add Recurring Transactions
• Creating a Recurring Entry from an Existing Entry

Section 8: Projects
• Introduction to Projects
• Create a New Project
• How to Assign Income and Expenses to Projects
• Viewing Project Financial Data

Section 9: Customers
• Introduction to Customer Deposits
• Prepaid Customer Deposits
• Applying Prepaid Deposits
• Transferring Customer Payments
• Finding and Correcting Accounts Receivable Errors
• Issue Customer Credits and Refunds
• Recording NSF Checks
• How to Write Off Bad Debts
• Recording Payment Less Bank Fees
• Create Monthly Statements

Section 10: Vendors
• Introduction to Vendor Situations
• Correcting Bill Payments Recorded as Expenses Prepaid Vendor Expenses
• Recording Trades

Section 11: Wrap Up
• Wrap Up

QuickBooks®: Pro - 2021 - 8:33 hours

In this course, your expert instructor, Cindy, will start at the very beginning and shows you how to put QuickBooks® Pro to work for your business.

This course covers essential QuickBooks® Pro functionalities, like setting up a Company File and Chart of Accounts, processing payroll, reporting, and so much more. It also includes guidance on the features new to QuickBooks® Pro 2021: Advanced Mode in Bank Feeds, scanning receipts with the QuickBooks® Pro Desktop app, and sending automatic statement and invoice reminders to customers.

Whether you're a bookkeeper, accountant, CPA, or business owner, this QuickBooks® Pro 2021 course will teach you how to make the most of this complex accounting software.

Get on top of your books (or those of your clients!) by learning QuickBooks® Pro with this course.

Course Features
• Video
• Audio NarrationInline
• Inline Activities
• Post-Assessment
• Supplemental Resources

Course Outline
Section 1: Introduction
• Introduction
• QB Desktop vs. Online Version
• QB Desktop Versions Explained
• QB 2021 New Features Overview - PC Version
• QB 2021 New Features Overview - PC Part 2

Section 2: Getting Started
• Setting Up Your Company File
• Using the Easy Step Interview Part 1
• Using the Easy Step Interview Part 2
• My Company Overview
• Identifying the Components of the QuickBooks Environment
• Converting QB Desktop Data to the Online Version

Section 3: Customizing the QB Environment
• Preferences Part 1
• Preferences Part 2
• Working with Users
• Chart of Accounts Part 1
• Chart of Accounts Part 2
• QB Sample Files
• Company File Search - NEW!

Section 4: Customers & Jobs
• Customers and Jobs Part 1
• Customers and Jobs Part 2
• Customer Groups NEW!
• Estimates Part 1
• Estimates Part 2
• Invoicing from Estimates Part 1
• Invoicing from Estimates Part 2
• Invoicing Customers for Products and Services
• Receiving Customer Payments
• Making Deposits
• Creating Credit Memos
• Creating Customer Statements
• Income Tracker

Section 5: Vendors
• Working with Vendors
• Entering Bills
• Paying Bills
• Credit Memos

Section 6: Items & Inventory
• Items and Inventory Part 1
• Items and Inventory Part 2
• Purchase Orders
• Receiving Items Into Inventory
• Handling Bills for Items
• Paying for Items
• Manually adjusting Inventory

Section 7: Banking
• QuickBooks Registers
• Bank Feeds
• Downloading Transactions
• Entering Checks
• Entering Expenses
• Bank Transfers
• Reconciling Accounts

Section 8: Loans
• Setting up Loans
• Creating Loan Payments
• Using the Loan Manager

Section 9: Credit Cards
• Setting up Credit Card Accounts
• Entering Credit Card Transactions
• Reconciling Credit Cards & Making Payments

Section 10: Forms
• Overview of Forms Templates
• Customizing Forms Part 1
• Customizing Forms Part 2
• Layout Designer Part 1
• Layout Designer Part 2

Section 11: Reports
• Quick Reports
• Report Center
• Creating Reports Part 1
• Creating Reports Part 2
• Collapsing Columns/Rows in Job or Class Reports - NEW!
• Customizing Reports
• Memorizing Reports

Section 12: Sales Tax
• Working with Sales Tax Part 1
• Working with Sales Tax Part 2

Section 13: Payroll
• Overview of Using the QB Payroll Service
• Payroll Setup
• Payroll Items
• Setting up Employees
• Paying Employees
• Paying Payroll Taxes

Section 14: The Lead Center
• Working with Leads

Section 15: Mail Merges
• Creating a Mail Merge
• Mail Merge Main Documents

Section 16: Budgets
• Creating a Budget
• Budget Reports

Section 17: Other QuickBooks Features
• Receipt Management App NEW!
• Automated Payment Reminders
• Searching in QuickBooks
• Reminders and Alerts
• Using the QuickBooks Calendar
• Memorizing Transactions
• Importing Lists into New Company Files
• Vehicle Mileage
• Combining Emails
• Backing up Company Files
• PC to MAC Conversion
• Canadian vs. US Version of QuickBooks

Section 18: Wrap up
• Conclusion
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  Online QuickBooks Classes: Learn at Your Own Pace

We will enroll you into a demo (Windows 10) eLearning session. Login information will be emailed to you.

This is a self-paced eLearning course that you can take on your own schedule. With eLearning, you can start or stop your training as needed and resume where you left off. You can also replay and navigate to specific parts of the training. eLearning is beneficial when a topic or specific subject needs to be learned quickly or on one's own schedule.

Course Features:

  • Learning at your own pace - Start and stop as it is convenient for you. Pick up where you left off.
  • Lecture utilizing video and recorded screen shots
  • 6 month subscription length
  • Any software needed for QuickBooks desktop is provided in an online lab environment.