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eLearning Bundle - QuickBooks Online Course

eLearning Bundle - QuickBooks

by Certstaffix® Training

QuickBooks Training

Length: 2 Course/s      Price: $250/person (US Dollars)      Bulk Pricing: 10+ Contact Us      Access Length: 6 Months      Category: QuickBooks

This eLearning Bundle includes these two courses: Mastering QuickBooks Online and Mastering QuickBooks Desktop Basics.
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  Online QuickBooks Classes: Learn at Your Own Pace

We will enroll you into a demo (Windows 10) eLearning session. Login information will be emailed to you.

This is a self-paced eLearning course that you can take on your own schedule. With eLearning, you can start or stop your training as needed and resume where you left off. You can also replay and navigate to specific parts of the training. eLearning is beneficial when a topic or specific subject needs to be learned quickly or on one's own schedule.

Course Features:

  • Learning at your own pace - Start and stop as it is convenient for you. Pick up where you left off.
  • Lecture utilizing video and recorded screen shots
  • 6 month subscription length
  • Any software needed for QuickBooks desktop is provided in an online lab environment.

  Detailed Training Topics

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QuickBooks Training

Mastering QuickBooks Online - 4:15 hours

Become A QuickBooks Online Guru QuickBooks Online brings traditional QuickBooks accounting to a cloud-based solution, and this course will show you everything you need to know to manage your customers, vendors, invoices, bills, checks, and online payments through QuickBooks Online. Taught by experienced CPA and QuickBooks guru Rayanne Buchianico, this course will give you the tips and techniques needed to use QuickBooks online easily and effectively! Whether you’re a new QuickBooks user or someone who is migrating from the desktop version, this course will give you the skills you need to get up and running with QuickBooks online quickly and confidently.

1. Introduction
2. Choosing The Correct Version
3. Importing Desktop Data
4. Navigating QuickBooks Online
5. Dashboard and Money Bars
6. Settings and Preferences, Part 1
7. Settings and Preferences, Part 2
8. Manage Users and QuickBooks Labs
9. Desktop Apps
10. Chart of Accounts
11. Products and Services
12. Products Merging, Bundles, and Changes
13. Customer and Sales Center
14. Vendor and Expense Center
15. Sales Tax
16. Using Search
17. Time Entries and Time Sheets
18. Estimates
19. Invoicing
20. Receive Payments
21. Sales Receipts
22. Bank Deposits
23. Customer Refunds and Credit Memos
24. Delayed Charges and Credits
25. Creating Purchase Orders
26. Purchase Orders and Bills
27. Pay Bills
28. Online Bill Pay
29. Online Banking and Credit Cards
30. Bank Transfers
31. Matching Bank Transactions, Part 1
32. Matching Bank Transactions, Part 2
33. Vendor Credits
34. Audit Log and History
35. Navigating the Reports Center
36. Useful Reports
37. Customizing Reports
38. Journal Entries
39. Bank Reconciliations
40. Fixed Assets and Recording Loans
41. Budgets
42. Cleaning up Your AR Report
43. Importing Data
44. Bounced Customer Checks
45. Barter Transactions

Mastering QuickBooks Desktop Basics - 3:00 hours

Learn The Useful And Powerful Features And Tools In QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise Do you feel like you don’t have time to learn how to use some advanced tools and functions in QuickBooks because you have other important work to do – like gathering or inputting data into QuickBooks? This course is a great way to get up to speed on QuickBooks, with many time-saving lessons that can change the way you think about QuickBooks. QuickBooks is by far the most successful small business accounting package sold today, but its incredible number of features and functions leave many users feeling like they're missing something important. Use QuickBooks To Get The Information You Need To Make Better Decisions If you are like most businesses, you probably wish you had a better grasp of your “numbers” – what are you spending, what investments you’re making, and how well those investments are paying off. You likely wish you had better reporting capabilities so that you could make more informed decisions regarding your future. This QuickBooks course teaches you how to gather that critical information to make sound business decisions.

QuickBooks Desktop versions 2019 and 2020 may attend due to very similar features and layouts.

1. Introduction
2. Create a company file
3. New feature tour
4. Navigating QuickBooks
5. Customizing the home page
6. Preferences
7. Setting up sales tax
8. Chart of accounts
9. Item list
10. Item types
11. Inventory center
12. Inventory adjustments
13. Inventory reports customization
14. Customer center
15. Sales order
16. Invoicing
17. Customer payments
18. Bank deposits
19. Sales receipts
20. Custom sales form
21. Credit memos
22. Recording bounced checks
23. Vendor center
24. Purchase orders
25. Receiving items
26. Enter bills
27. Pay bills
28. Write checks
29. Sales tax
30. Report center
31. Customizing reports
32. Finding transactions
33. Using registers
34. Using classes
35. Common errors
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