eLearning Bundle - SharePoint 2016/365 End User Online Course

Microsoft SharePoint TrainingeLearning Bundle - SharePoint 2016/365 End User

by Certstaffix® Training

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This eLearning Bundle includes these 4 courses: Office 365 SharePoint Sites, SharePoint 2016 End User Training, SharePoint 2016 Power User Training and SharePoint 2016 Site Owner.
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Microsoft SharePoint Training

Office 365 SharePoint Sites - 2:10 hours


Learn how to use SharePoint in Microsoft Office 365. This training course focuses on the platform’s core document management and collaboration features, along with what’s unique to this cloud-based version. The course covers how to create a SharePoint site, work with SharePoint libraries and lists, customize your SharePoint experience, configure security permissions, and more. You’ll also learn about innovative new features and changes to the SharePoint user interface in Office 365 designed for enhanced functionality.

Working with Office 365 SharePoint
Working with Libraries
Working with Lists
Optimizing SharePoint
Working with Permissions
What is New in Office 365

SharePoint 2016 End User Training - 19:37 hours

Audio Narration
Inline Activities

This SharePoint 2016 End User class is for end users and site owners/managers new to working in a SharePoint 2016 environment. The course teaches SharePoint basics such as working with lists and libraries, basic page customization, working with forms and managing site permissions and users.

Learn to navigate a SharePoint 2016 Team Site.
Learn to create SharePoint lists.
Learn to customize SharePoint lists.
Learn to create SharePoint libraries.
Learn to manage library document versions.
Learn to create SharePoint list and library views.
Learn to create sub sites using various SharePoint templates.
Learn to create and edit Web page content.
Learn to create InfoPath Forms and Form libraries.
Learn to create Site columns and content types.
Learn to integrate Office applications with SharePoint 2016.
Learn to manage basic permissions of SharePoint 2016 resources.
SharePoint 2016 Introduction
SharePoint Versions
Team Site Layout and Navigation
Exercise: Team Site Navigation
SharePoint List Basics
Creating Apps Using List Templates
Creating Lists
Creating Lists Using List Templates
List Columns
Creating List Columns
Column Validation
Validating a List Column
Exercise:Working with Team Site Lists
Exercise: Create Custom Lists and Columns
Library Basics
Library Templates
Creating Libraries
Creating a Document Library and Adding Columns
Creating an Asset Library
Managing Documents and Versioning
Checking Out Documents
Deleting and Restoring Documents
Exercise:Working with Team Site Libraries
Exercise: Creating Libraries
Exercise: Document Versioning
Working with Lists and Library Views
Default Views
Explore Default Views
Custom Views
How to Create a Custom View
Exercise: Working with Views
Exercise: Creating Public and Personal Views
Working with Sites
Site Templates
Creating Sites
Creating a Team Site
Site Navigation
Managing Site Navigation
Exercise: Creating Team Sites
Exercise: Creating a Meeting Workspace
Exercise: Creating a Blog Site
Page Content
Wiki Library Pages
Editing the Team Site Home Page
Web Part Pages
Creating a Web Part Page
Working with Web Parts
Adding Web Parts to Pages
Exercise: Working with Wiki Pages
Exercise: Working with Web Part Pages and Web Parts
Forms Library
Creating a Forms Library
Creating InfoPath Forms
Create a Form with Microsoft InfoPath Designer
Publishing InfoPath Forms to SharePoint
Publish Custom InfoPath Form
Exercise: Creating and Publishing InfoPath Forms
Site Columns and Content Types
Site Column Gallery
Explore the Site Column Gallery
Creating Site Columns
Create a Custom Site Column
Add a Site Column to a List
Site Content Type Gallery
Explore the Site Content Types Gallery
Creating Content Types
How to Create and Use Content Types
Exercise: Creating and Working with Content Types
Exercise: Adding a Content Type to a Library
Office Integration
Excel Integration
Import Excel Spreadsheet to List
Export List Data to Excel
Outlook Integration
Create an Alert
Subscribe to a List's RSS Feed
Connect to Outlook
Access Integration
Open a List with Access
Managing SharePoint Site Permissions
SharePoint Groups
Assigning Permissions
Permission Levels
Permissions Inheritance
Exercise: Working with SharePoint Permissions
Participating in User Communities
Configure User Profiles and My Sites
People Newsfeeds
Documents Newsfeed
Sites Newsfeed
Tags Newsfeed
Managing Personal Sites
Exercise: Managing and Viewing Personal Information and Content

SharePoint 2016 Power User Training - 17:52 hours

Audio Narration
Inline Activities

This SharePoint 2016 Power User training class is designed for individuals who need to learn the fundamentals of managing SharePoint sites.

Create custom workflows using SharePoint Designer 2016.
Learn to use Content Approval settings and Workflow.
Learn to use Term stores and managed Metadata.
Learn to use the Document ID Service.
Learn SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure.
Learn to create and use Document Sets.
Learn to route documents with Content Organizer.
Learn to use Metadata Navigation.
Learn to create external content types with Business Connectivity Services.
Learn to use Information Management Policies.
Content Approval
Enabling Content Approval
Content Approval Workflows
Creating Custom Workflows with SharePoint Designer 2013
Workflow Basics
Custom List Workflows
Workflow Actions
Workflow Stages and Conditions
Workflow Initiation Form
Site Workflows
Working with Managed Metadata
Creating a Term Store Group and Term Set
Creating Metadata Columns in Lists and Libraries
Publishing Content Types
Business Connectivity Services
Business Connectivity Services Basics
Creating an External Content Type with SharePoint Designer
Creating a List from an External Content Type
Information Management Policy
Information Management Policy Basics
Define and Information Policy for a Content Type
Defining Information Policy for a List
Content Organizer
Activating the Content Organizer Feature
Configuring Content Organizer Settings
Configuring Content Organizer Rules
Document ID Service
Activating the Document ID Feature
Configuring Document ID Settings
Linking Documents Using Their Document ID
Document Sets
Activating the Document Sets Feature
Creating a Document Set Content Type
Adding a Document Set Content Type of a Library
SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure
Activating the SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure
Publishing Infrastructure Basics
Creating Pages with Page Layouts
Configuring and Consuming Site Search Results
Search SharePoint for Content
SharePoint Search Center
Class Prerequisites
Experience in the following is required for this SharePoint class:

SharePoint 2016 End User experience

SharePoint 2016 Site Owner - 6:04 hours


This comprehensive SharePoint training course is designed to teach site owners how to create, configure, manage, and enhance SharePoint sites and content with ease and efficiency. We'll outline site owner roles and responsibilities and guide you through the fundamentals of creating and modifying sites, libraries, lists, views, columns, content types, pages, and more. You’ll also learn how to manage security permissions, customize your sites with enhancements, and work with navigation and regional settings for a tailor-made user experience. This course provides a complete guide to using SharePoint 2016. It features clear, engaging instructions from a SharePoint expert, along with other helpful learning aids.

Role of the Site Owner
Adding and Configuring Sites
Creating Libraries
Creating Lists
Creating and Modifying Views
Creating and Customizing Columns
Creating and Managing Content Types
Managing Permissions
Enhancing the Site
Navigation and Regional Settings
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