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Microsoft Word TrainingeLearning Bundle - Word 2013

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Length: 3 Course(s)      Price: $350/person (US Dollars)      Bulk Pricing: 6+ Contact Us      Access Length: 6 Months      Category: Microsoft Word

This eLearning Bundle includes these 3 courses: Microsoft Word 2013: Getting Started (Level 1), Microsoft Word 2013: Intermediate (Level 2) and Microsoft Word 2013: Advanced (Level 3).

Office Versions That Can Attend: Microsoft Office 2013 (Microsoft Windows PC)
Courses Taught With: Office version 2013 (Microsoft Windows PC) Software and Courseware
Not Appropriate For: Macintosh versions of Microsoft Office
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Microsoft Word Training

Microsoft Word 2013: Getting Started (Level 1) - 5:00 hours

Learn about the basic tools and functions in Microsoft Word 2013 and discover how easy it is to create professional documents using this powerful word processing program. In this course, you'll become familiar with the user interface and learn how to create a document and edit and format text. You'll also discover how to create and format a table, add a list, insert graphics, modify pages and appearance, proof a document and customize options to save you time and effort.Ideal for those just starting out with Word 2013, this 5-hour course is divided into different sections that contain an introduction, summary, and optional quiz. Tasks and processes are presented in steps to make learning concepts easy, and practice files are included to help you gain practical experience.

Microsoft Word 2013: Intermediate (Level 2) - 5:00 hours

Upgrade your basic training and move to the next level of expertise by mastering the tools and functions outlined in this Level 2 training course. You'll learn how to use charts and tables, customize styles and themes, work with images, create custom graphic objects, simplify content insertion, and master mail merges and macros to enhance your document and bring efficiency and convenience to your work.The 5-hour course is designed for intermediate users who want to take advantage of the more sophisticated features of Microsoft Word 2013. It is divided into different sections and step-by-step direction is provided to make learning easy. Each section also contains an introduction, summary, optional quiz and practice file.

Microsoft Word 2013: Advanced (Level 3) - 3:00 hours

In this advanced course, you'll master the high-level tools and functions of Microsoft Word 2013 to create expert and professional-looking documents. Take advantage of tools that make collaborating on documents more efficient, add reference marks and notes to improve navigation, use tables and outlines to simplify documents, add security features, create forms and legacy form fields, and manage multiple versions of documents.The instructional course is 3 hours in length and divided into 7 lessons that can be viewed at your own pace. Each lesson includes an optional quiz for self-assessment. The lessons contained in this inclusive series are also available as stand-alone courses.
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